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What could be the cause of my sore breasts?

I had sex (using a condom) 5 days after my period ended which was Nov. 11th. On Dec. 13th, I got my period. Now, for the last week, I've been experiencing breast tenderness. Why could this be? If I gently push on them or feel around, they feel "bruised" (the best descriptive word I could think of). Is there still a possibility I could be pregnant? If not, what are some causes of this? Does breast cancer show these symptoms? Thanks!


I'm a 28 yr old woman and I never had this problem before...

Update 2:

I'm not on birth control

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    It is also common to have sore breasts around the beginning of a girl's period, or menstruation. A week or so before her period starts, the body begins producing lots of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone.

    Just as fingers and feet swell, so can breasts. All that fluid forces the breast tissues to expand, which stretches the nerves and makes breasts feel achy or tender.

    Even greater amounts of breast swelling and tenderness can be one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. Be sure to talk to a parent or doctor right away if you might be pregnant.

    Most PMS symptoms, including breast soreness, should disappear as your period begins.

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    there is stilla possibilty you could be pregnant, condoms don't always work, and some women still have a period even though they are pregnant. from the count of the days you give, you wouldn't have quite have been ovulating when you had sex, but the sperm can live in there for up to 72 hours, which would go into your ovulation time, also making it more likely to be a girl, if you were pregnant. also, breast soreness does not occur with breast cancer. I'd take a pregnancy test, at least to rule that out, and give it a little more time, maybe a week, and go see a doc, if you aren't pregnant and are still concerned. good luck and i hope this helps----also there is a type of tumor that occurs in the uterus that mimics pregnancy or makes your body thinkit is pregnant rather, this is another possibility, but pretty rare, i think

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    I'd say if you had a normal period after protected intercourse, the odds are very very slim that you are pregnant. A lot of things can cause breast tenderness, many of which are nonsexual... such as a dose of the flu, or a pulled muscle. If you've recently been taking a new medication (especially the b.c. pill), or if you're just generally sore. Or that you're poking on them more than they are used to:)

    Generalize aching is not normally associated with breast cancer... nipple pain is. If it doesn't clear up in a week or so, you may want to call up your doctor, but I doubt it's anything.

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    not to sure if breast cancer sends pain but if you are on any medicine like depakote this could be one reason you are experiencing pain. another could be if you have been lifting or any kind of exercise you are not use to could be the muscles are strained. you might want to see the Dr over this just to be on the safe side. good luck

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    There's always the "possibility" that you're pregnant, but it isn't very likely.

    Sounds like you need a professional exam by your ob/gyn.

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    You could have a little one on the way. you need to see the doctor.

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