Is it wrong to flirt with girls in the gym? And how would you even open a converstation?

I go to the gym 6-7 days a week. I see some amazing girls in there, but I always feel like it would be wrong of me to bother them. The simple fact is I'm there to better myself and so are they. Does that include the opposite sex? Is flirting in the gym off limits??

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    Flirting in the GYM is not off limits. There are proper ways and improper ways of doing it though. Women in the gym hate it when a guy stares at thier body. They like it when a guy helps them correct thier form, or shows them how to do an excersize that will help them work on whatever they are working on.

    Making eye contact and smiling is the key. A smile says you are honest, you are friendly, you like them. Eye contact shows respect and that you are interested in them, not just thier hot body.

    So you see this really hot chick working out on the squat machine. Before you approach her, make sure she sees you looking at her in the eyes. Try not to get cought looking at her but or chest. Then as you are walking past her you say "Hey, I couldn't help but notice you over here on this machine. I work out on it occasionally, and what I have found out is that if you don't arch your back, (or whatever she's almost doing right) it helps you do more reps. Doing more reps is the key. You don't have to lift so much weight to get a good workout." Or whatever you know that will help her. You might even show her some excersizes to do at home if you know any. Like sitting on the wall or whatever. Just evolve the conversation if you can. Keep in mind that you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. So you can listen more than you speak. So listen for the signs that she's interested or she's not interested. Don't come off as being pushy. Do come off as being confident.

    Women love confident men. Don't try to lift a bunch of weight to impress her. Guys do it all the time and girls think it's sort of barberic. OOOMBA OOMBA I can lift all this weight! Look at me!

    They want to be noticed. Do you think they wear the **** they wear to not be noticed? You can't stare at them though. A light hearted backhanded compliment works wonders too. You see this chick wearing a sweatsuit and some shoes that don't match at all. You approach her and say, "Nice work out suit, but I would have wore some different shoes with that." Smile really big when you say it. She'll be like, really? I didn't think it mattered much. You say "well it don't, because you weren't trying to meet anyone here, were you?" She will be thinking, who in the F is this guy?

    Works every time! Just be sure to smile when you do it. Then go work out yourself. I bet you your next months membership that she'll come over before you leave and want to talk more. Heck she might even ask you for your number!

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    Flirting at a serious gym is dangerous, because as you said, they DO go there to work out. In these places, watch yourself and mind your Ps and Qs carefully.

    On the other hand, many gyms are basically there as a meeting place for eligible and fit younger adults. (e.g. nearly any Vic Tanny health club has very little to do with working out!) Pick up lines are simple, straight-forward, and confident. Share a circuit machine or ask for a spot at the bench, if she's open to it, take the conversation forward and ask her out for a drink later.

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    Whenever I am at gym......chicks ask me to join working out with them. I don't see anything wrong with it dude. Go and ask them something like What is proper way to workout on this muscles. Gym is very good place to pick up chick too. They are sweaty as well.

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    yeah. guys flirting with me at the gym creeps me out. though, i suppose some girls like it. its going to probably be a 50/50 chance for you. i say just go for it.

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    Yes. It's sexual harassment. But they other way around it's okay. That's just how society today is.

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    How about " NICE PECS" ? LOL

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