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I am trying to find the right words to ask my wife is she will start rotating my beer in the fridge. Any ideas

I also need her to keep the levels stocked up and replace it when the par level is low...This in turn will give me the freshest tasting beer and will in turn make me happier. Any ideas on how to ask her to do this?

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    You could ask her if the you could get one of those soda stackers like is found here:

    As long as your beer is in a can, it will rotate itself whenever you take one from the bottom. It will also take up less room in her fridge.

    As far as getting more when it gets low - if you're the only beer drinker in the house, you're the only one who'll know that. So a 'honey, i'm picking up more beer on the way home' from you wouldn't be such a bad thing, and then she could load it up for rotation.

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    First you should monitor how long it takes you to drink the fridge dry. It will only lead to beer-less disaster if you don't know when the fridge needs refilling. You can schedule your beer runs around this time.

    Make a list of what types of beer you want in the fridge to show her you've already put some work towards it. I suggest you share the responsibility of this request, maybe you buy the beer (you know what you want better than anybody), she keeps the stocks up (You'll only make a mess if you do it drunk, right?)

    Now, for telling her. Practice taking punches down the local bar.

    If it all goes badly and you're left bruised, go home and make a fuss. When she asks what happened, say "I had to go to the bar, I didn't want to but the fridge was dry and the beer just wasn't fresh. If only there was an angel that filled the fridge with beer for me every night so I never got attacked at the bar again.. .. here, I made a list for the angel.."

    If you have no bruises you're ready for the honest approach. walk in and say "Hey, I have an idea! we, meaning you, can create a system to keep the beer fresh in the house! You've always been good at that kind of thing, and we'd be much more efficient! Perfect! Here's the list I just made! Thanks darling, I love you so much!"

    Worth a try..


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    This is a funny question!

    May I ask... why do you want her to do this? You did not say. What I'd do is to do it myself, simply because I like to take care of my own things, but if you aren't home for stretches of time, and the beer is not dated ...(?) .. then I guess I can see why you would like it done.

    Actually, what I would do is to try some sort of subtgerfuge .... in other words I would invent some sort of silly thing to bring the subject up and then see if she would like to jump into the spirit of things and help you out. Keep the straightest face you can muster and be VERY sweet about it ... Let's see: I would.....some day when you both are around the house... possibly when you get in a fresh supply of beer, make some collars that are dated and get yourself busy putting them on the bottles or on the cans .... have some tape handy ... print them out nicely on your computer so they look neat and clean .... and then ask her if it all looks good! I mean to tell you: make a fuss about it!


    He: (busy with task, putting on dated labels) (singing to self)

    She: Dear, what are you doing? Everything OK? Did you want a sandwich?

    He: (all innocence) ... oh. it just came to me that if I label my beer with the date, I will always know what to choose first, and the freshest will be at the back, chillin' away!

    She: Oh. What an idea! How did you think of that?

    He: Well, I really like my beer fresh, and I had to think up some way to make sure that nothing got out of date here....

    She: Oh, I can do that for you!

    He: Oh, you could? (handing her a stack of dated labels and the scotch tape) ... oh, thank you ... and, by the way, are you hungry for a liverwurst sandwich? (Always, when feeling sneaky, offer the other person what you were thinking of.... otherwise, honesty is the best

    policy? but this way SHE will then make YOU a sandwich ... and put the labels on correctly and rotate the beer ... and you probably might want to indicate on the labels the "par level" by typing in

    "only _______bottles/cans left of Pilsner or Bud" and then it will get her to remember to put beer on her shopping list. Voila!

    Is alright?

  • i'm sure this is just a joke to get people angry, either that or you are just one lazy selfish prick. you probably sit in your easy chair all day, with a bell on the side table, and you have your wife trained to bring you a cold one on a silver tray any time you ring. you should feel lucky to have someone willing to do even that for you. since your only motivation here is for you to have the "freshest tasting beer" and for you to be "happier", it seems the only person that should be in charge of the beer is yourself. what about your wife's happiness? i'm sure she has many things she'd rather be doing than caring for your precious stockpile of alcohol

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    I'm gonna go with spit on the back of your hand before you b*tch slap her. Let her know how important this matter is to your happiness.

    Pick a good time to tell her like right after she gets done rubbing your feet. Say something like ...SMACK- "That is for not rotating the beer stock and keeping it replenished B! That should do the trick.

    I feel for you bro. : ( It is tough to keep your woman in line these days. Darn feminazi's effing up everything.

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    Why don't you do this yourself? Are you completely handicapped both mentally and physically? I'm sure she has a lot more to do than to keep up with your beer stock.

    Take a litttle hint here...women aren't slaves! She's your wife...your equal in the marriage. Are you going to make sure she has plenty of feminine supplies...I'll bet not!

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    "You know darling, you have to be the most wonderful housekeeper I've ever seen. None of my friends wives even come close to you!

    My friend Dave was telling me that his wife actually rotates his beer to keep it fresh, but I told him, so what? I said 'My wife is so efficient, that she probably does that and doesn't even tell me about it.' Honestly Hon, you're the most wonderful wife in the world!

    Oh, and this big bouquet, it's just for you. I hope you like it."

    Good luck, dude.

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    I am a rotater with everything. If you really think it will tick her off then just tell her you will start caring for your own beer and you rotate it when it gets bought. Tell her you want to do your part in domestic duties!!

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    Does she make dinner and fold your clothes up to par too? Does she drink beer? Dude do it yourself. It never hurts to take some initiative to do some chores.

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    Since it is your beer, take responsibility. Do it yourself. How much beer do you have in the "ice box" at one time anyway? If you have a lot, perhaps you are an alcoholic. It reads to me like you are the only one drinking the beer. Don't be lazy & expect that of her.

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