New tenents next door, 3 college guy they have loud partys all the time. What can I do?

I have called the Landlord, he told me to call the Police, they told me to file a report, after so many reports then the Landlord can try to evict them, I need a quick fix, I work Sunday- Friday, some over time, my bedroom window faces their living room, I have ask them to stop after 10:30 at night, they told me to f--k off, they pay their rent on time and I have no business harassing them I work in the Medical field, I have to have a sharp mind all day or I could hurt one of my patients because of lack of sleep. We had a major snow storm in Denver last week I was on call I had spent two days clearing a driveway to get my car out to work, these guys had a party and blocked my car in there was four cars behind mine when I got a call, I had to wait for the Police to show up, then they told the Police the cars were mine they believed them and left, when I went to start my car and leave for the hospital the cars were still there, I had to recall the Police, wait again for them to come.


I own my home I am not moving, they rent a home on a quite street, all home owners! all detached homes.

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    in order to be a landlord and own rental property, a license is required. licenses can be revoked based on "fix it" type violations, too many 911 police calls to an address, or noise complaints that are ongoing. Call the police each time there is a noise complaint. The police will either ticket the residents, or at the very least they will form a paper trail that can prove valuable later when asking the city attorney to file charges against the tenants or the landlord. if there is enough of a file formed by police complaints, the city housing authority can threaten to yank the landlord's rental license... this may be the pressure needed to get the landlord to kick these guys out or give them a meaningful ultimatum.

    It may seem tedious to call 911 multiple days a week, but it helps build a case that can affect the kind of change that homeowners want to restore peace to their neighborhood.

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    To be honest with you if your landlords not going to help you with this problem as it seems I'd just tell them it's affecting your work performance and you can not continue and need to move. Sorry to say that some landlords just won't do a thing since they don't want to have to tell the person at fault that they need to stop doing what they're doing. I've had many experiences with landlords and neighbors and now I own a house and would never want to live in a apartment again. ;o)

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    wow that sucks. Yeah my friends (They're in college) would always have parties too. The difference was that our appartment complex had a rule that if you get 3 noise violations then you get kicked out... and they did and got kicked out.

    Sounds really strange. Usually the Landlords are strict about things like that. Just keep calling the police until they get kicked out. There's apparently nothing else you can do since your landlord is worthless.

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    At this point, you should move. It seems as if the police in your area are idiots as well. You don't ever want to have to conform but if the cops wont do anything do you really have a choice. Another solution: Fight fire with fire. Find out what bugs them, and is within the legal limits of the law and exploit it.

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    regrettably your purely get away is to place a pillow over your head and stick it out. make confident your television and/or music is up finished quantity interior the morning as pay back! not something you're able to do right now of the 365 days. The police are too busy coping with drunks and abuse to take heed to to loud noise.

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    I'm sorry you have to deal with this!

    Sad to say but you have to follow the process or their behavior will just continue.

    Call the police every time there is a noisy party and in a month or so, they'll be a distant memory.

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    For starters, check to see if there is a noise ordinance where you leave. If so call the police... if they constantly have to come out there, then they will eventually issue a summons on them and therefore they will have to go to court. In the meantime, i wish you all the luck in the world dealing with it.

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    I have that at my apartment complex. They are underneath us seems like. You need to keep calling the police. Or go to the management company who is over the landlord.

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    If you've tried talking/reasoning with them, then calling the police is your only option. Until they have enough reports to get evicted, this is your only choice.

    Somes you have to pick the battles you win and loose. Could you move?

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    call the police each time they have the loud party and contiue to do it. report the illegally parked cars again if it happens.

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