Does high stress/anxiety cause fever?

I have had asick feeling in my stomach for a week now and I've had a fever...But I'm not getting sick like I would be if I had a stomach virus..I know stress can cause stomach upset like that...But could it cause a low grade fever? I normally never get fevers even when I am sick...and there's nothing really wrong besides my stomach being upset but it's not bad..........I just don't know...Oh and I'm not pregnant.

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    A fever can be present for other reasons than the flu or any kind of stomach virus. Perhaps you have a sinus infection? Some other kind of infection that may be moving around in your system? The body heats up to fight against the bacteria so perhaps you have some other bug even though you aren't experiencing the symptoms of having it.

    Does your face feel hot from the "inside" or is it just a surface fever that leaves you skin clammy and feels hot to the touch? If you can feel heat from "behind the face" and it's hot to the touch it could be high blood pressure which can definitely be attritubed to stress. You should have your blood pressure checked just to be sure.

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    High stress does not usually cause a fever. It can cause other ailments, such as high blood pressure and ulcers. If your fever hasn't gone down in a week, I would check with a doctor; a fever is usually caused by an infection and you may need antibiotics.

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    I do not believe high fever comes from anxiety. However, a prolonged state of stress can hamper your body's resistance to sickness.

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    You need to be checked by a doctor,because obviously you have a cold on the inside,which does triggers fever,without feeling sick.

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    i can cause a fever, but that is pretty rare. you may have something else going on tha your body is raising its temp to kill whatever virus you are probaby having

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    And more... in long term many other diseases e.g Heart, Diabetic, Blood pressure etc

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