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This is laundry?

cotton needs to be washed warm right? so what if u got socks that are black and 100 percent cotton is it fine to mix with whites in warm water? Its those really soft socks.............

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    It depends on the color. Never mix colors unless you want your whites to look gray. Wash black cotton in cold water. Whites in hot water.

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    Technically cotton is washed in hot with bleach but that is whites only. If your fussy you could separate them but if your the one load type, yes wash them in warm put the dark clothes on the bottom. Use a colors only bleach or use a 1/2 cup of 20mule team borax to make the whole load stay bright despite the black socks. If your an envirofreak you wash everything in cold.

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    Never mix black laundry with white laundry! Unless you want a LOT of gray clothes...

  • No the black dye may ruin your white clothes.

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    no don't do that

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