Fuel Tank on 1983 F150?

I recently got a truck from a guy.. its a 1983 Ford F150 it runs good and everything, today he tells me that it has a 2nd fuel tank locatd on the pasanger side which I found.... but I cant find anywhere on how big this tank is..... my friend has a 93 F150 and he has two his normal one he says holds about 25 and 2nd about 15... and Im pretty sure that on mine the normal one is like 16 or 20...

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    I'll try to answer your question without pointing out the painfully obvious that you had already figured out, such as two of the previous answerers did. If it is a backup tank, and it would be if you only have one fuel filler door, then it is most likely smaller and is probably in the 15 or 16 gallon range. If it is a true dual tank truck with 2 filler doors, then it would most likely be similar in size to the main tank. Ford usually made the backup tank to hold about the same amount as the main tank. Maybe not quite as much but close. And if you have 2 fuel doors on the same side of the truck, that doesn't necessarily mean that both tanks are on the same side of the truck. There may be a hose running from the tank on the right to the left side of the bed to the second door. It has been awhile since I have been around these older Ford trucks and I apologize that I can't be more precise. However Ford tends to be somewhat different from year to year, and sometimes model to model the same year in the way they equip their trucks. I've had a few different of these and previous body style Ford trucks and while they are good trucks to have, they can be something sometimes to find correct parts for depending on the way they each came from the factory.

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    1983 Ford F-150

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    Since you can't find any info on it, and you say it's on the right-hand side, my guess is it's an aftermarket add-on. I'd go with the advice to drain it, switch to the main, then see how much it takes to fill it up.

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    Yours isn't a factory tank,since Ford has both tanks on the left side. I would get it close to empty and refill..

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    Easy enough to find out. Since you have dual tanks, switch to one you want to know about, and drive it. When it begins to sputter and cut out, switch to the other tank, drive to the station and fill the empty tank. Read the number of gallons off the pump display.

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