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How should a womens body be to mens like it?

I´m not fat and not siny, but i´m always worring about my body, either way i look at it. I just want to stop doing that, asking should i worry too much about my body?Í don´t have curves, and i just felll sad about it..

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    Stop worrying.

    We don't quite know from your description what you look like, but the thing men like is to see a body that's genuine.

    There's sure to be some guys who like a girl with your appearance, no matter what it is.

    And it's worth remembering that even guys who like girls with big breasts would MUCH prefer a flat-chested girl whose appearance was genuine to a girl with implants or wearing a padded or gel bra.

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    It's not your body it is your attitude and the way you carry yourself that men like. It's the confidence you have in yourself that will attract men.

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    You don't need to "fix" your body to please men. You can wear what feels comfortable to you. Concentrate on what YOU want and don't let someone else's opinion sway you. The only person in life to please is you, because you will always have you. You are truly unique!

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