Information about crushes?

I am 20. How old is too old to have a crush? Is it ok to have a crush on a man much older? How do you get him to notice you?

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    How old is too old to fall in love? A crush is a feeling. It could be felt by a 12 or 13 year old or a 60 year old. It is not love, but is in the same general category. I would say that 20 years old is not too old to have a crush.

    I do not believe that the "much older" is as important as the position. Is this a teacher or a boss or a married neighbor or your doctor? These would be people on the NO list. If you have strong feeling for someone like this, do your best to avoid any situation. It could only lead to trouble.

    Someone else? What do you share in common? What do you have to talk about? What would you do together other than have a physical relationship? Could you live with just being friends?

    Getting noticed is not an issue. The fact that you might not know if he has noticed you is. Crushes can lead to friendship, romance and even love. Do not worry about being noticed. Approach him and talk with him. If he has any interest in you as a person, you should be able to find out very quickly.

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    there's this little trick that someone once told me about dating's just a theory though; it's: take the age of the older person, divide it by 2, then add 8.

    I calculated the age where 20 would be reached -- if you dated a 26 year old then the youngest that person would be able to date according to the theory would be 21....because it's only a simple theory i'm sure there is some leg-room so 20 and 21 are very close.

    However, it's just a general theory, nothing is set in stone if your intrests are the same and the chemistry is right, it's probably worth it to pursue it.

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    How old is old?

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