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Has Linkin Park put an end to it?

What's going on with Linkin Park? Have they decided to stop making music? They havn't released an album in quite some time.

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    Well, checking with Wikipedia, they're in the making of a new album aimed for release some time in 2007, possibly January. They don't have a title yet, but it's coming. I believe Mike Shinoda is in the making of a new Fort Minor album as well.

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    Hey..Linkin Park's official website has confirmed that they will be headlining with My Chemical Romance for the Bamboozle Festival, taking place on May 5 and May 6 2007 in New Jersey. The concert will be in East Rutherford, at Giants Stadium parking lot. Mike said that we can expect to hear many of the new songs off of their upcoming 2007 release.

    In a recent interview with Blender Magazine, the December 2006 issue, the band revealed the name of the new album. Chester said the name will be titled T-------- and T----------, a fill in the blank puzzle. The interviewer guessed that it might be Trials and Tribulations. However, in a recent interview Phoenix stated that the album title hasn't been chosen yet.

    The band also revealed that the studio they are recording in was home of the famous old time gangster Benjamin Bugsy Siegel, and also the home of Harry Houdini's mistress. The band revealed also that they are using vintage guitar, and drums out of wood, so the album definitely isn't nu-metal. The album has been said by Blender to be due by February of 2007.

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    No. They're working on their new CD that should be released in spring 2007. They're also confirmed for Bamboozle in New Jersey in May.

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    I hope not...'cause they ROCK!! Linkin Park's like my favorite band of all time! If they dont make music anymore,I'll probably kill myself...

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    No, I'm pretty sure they're still making music, though I haven't heard anything new from them either.

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    New CD coming in '07!!!!

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