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why do people think their alter ego is less real then they are?

....from my point of view both identities are equally made up.... one is just older then the other and with less history

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    i like this line of thought...

    i guess that alter egoes are not necessarily bound by the confines of the laws of physics or reality.you can make an alter ego what you want it to be,whereas your "real"you is what you're stuck with,whether or not you want it.....

    anyway,that's one line of thought....

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  • Why do you think one is older? Why does the other have less history? I mean "alter ego" is just another part of the "ego" we always have, isn't it? At least I hope so because my alter ego wouldn't be happy playing second fiddle to my ego! Might decide to go off and do things by itself without me being there....don't want people thinking that I'm a schizophrenic or anything! I think they're the same age, one just hides in the shadows waiting for it's time to shine. Well balanced people seem to make them work well together........

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    Because people imbue their alter-egos with qualities they believe they do not have. It gives them pleasure to imagine a self that is more powerful or more evil or more whatever than they view themselves. They can discharge qualities which cause them some discomfort onto their alter-egos. By doing so, they create two imaginary selves, one which they think of as an alter-ego and the other which they view as "real." But each is as real or unreal is the other. It's one of those human things.

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    The one you shun, and others see, the alter ego is whatever you want it to be, but the real self will always be.

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    they are both contrived

    the real one and the put on one

    one was put on in childhood and is a bit more perfected as an identity ....years of practice!

    the new ones are just clumbsier.... less teased out

    there is no real one - "this is the real me" is just one of the practiced lines one of the alter ego's repeats over and over ....forgetting that it was made up ...

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