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I have a little brother problem....?

Lately he been comeing in my room at night making the excuses that there is something under his bed or in his closest. I slept in his room a week ago to show him there wasn't I opened the closet and looked under the bed and made him look too. He was fine after that but now it been 3 days in a row and he keeps comeing in my room! But its when I am asleep one night I woke up and he was playing with my penis. On the second night I was totally naked when I woke up and he was sleeping at the bottom of the bed naked also. The third night i told him to sleep on the floor I gave him a blanket and pillows. Nothing happed. I am wondering is it time to talk to him about the male body? he is 11 half years old and I been thinking he was lying about the monster in his closest and under his bed to sleep with me. Should I talk to him about the male body. We don't have a dad.

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    You are he closest thing to a father he has. So whether you like it or not, whether it's fair or not, you have to step up to the plate and fill those duties. I believe that he looks up to you entirely. I would think through what you are going to say to him before you say it.

    Also, on another note, he could be trying to be close to you because you are leaving?

    Best of luck.

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    11 is a pretty good age to give him "the talk". Most school districts start presenting the info long about 5th grade in a video. At least they did in our area....I don't know about where you are. But he sounds like pretty confused kid. He doesn't understand the feelings he is having. Since you don't have a dad it might be a good idea to find an older male relative to help you with this.

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    Since your his big brother and he looks up to you, explain the best way you can about the facts of life and the male body, and stop sleeping naked and tell him to keep his clothes on and sleep in his own room.

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    not wishing to arise or bypass everywhere isn't basically laziness it somewhat is childhood. maximum 13 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous adult men have that extremely in the event that they're attempting to conceal that something is incorrect. Why arise in case you're becoming to be as much as fail - and success is extra substantial to adult men than it somewhat is to women folk. If he have been given up he could would desire to bypass away his room unguarded. it won't be that your brother is lazy or psychotic. There are sleep themes which could regrettably bring about defecating and peeing on your sleep. I point out this on the grounds which you're saying once you caught him peeing he did not see you. evidently he became asleep. At 13 he would desire to be very embarrassed and ashamed of what's happening and for this reason hiding the turds in his cloth cabinet. you will desire to be extra conscious than he's of the stink it somewhat is now coming from his room. you may want to be very discreet regarding the kind you take care of this. Getting him the pull-up nighters became a sturdy concept, yet he needs counselling so as that he may well be reassured that he's not mad. It sounds to me as though he's likewise on the degree of denial. in case you will detect a sympathetic G.P. or wellness care expert he may well be waiting to nicely suited the difficulty with sleep scientific care or scientific care. sturdy luck to the two one in each and every of you.

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    You need to talk to him about it and make him sleep in his room he's a big kid and needs to sleep in his room. While your talking to him about the male body go ahead and give him the whole talk about guys and girls because he's old enough to know now. And again make him sleep in his own room.

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    Yes, he should know that what he's doing in your bed, isn't acceptable behavior with his brother. He's a bit old to have "monsters" in his closet. You seem like you are very responsible and he's lucky to have you in his life. Good luck

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    Okay that's just disgusting,

    I'm 11 too but i would never do that but if he's 11 than he should know not to do that!!!(And he should know there is no monsters)Defiantly give him the talk...maybe he is gay?sure hope not.

    One more thing maybe you should wear something when your asleep.

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    I think you are so sweet that you dnt get angry with him. I think he does need some one to explain to him that its not right to do although my sister is 11 and she already knows. Maybe the fact that you dnt have a father or father figure leaves him with holes in his heart. I think you should talk to him and explain why he cant do those things.

    ... x o x o !

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    My be he see's you as a strong male figure in his life,dont just blurt it out that you dont want him in ur room,as this might make him feel rejected, find other ways of letting him down

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    yes talk to him about the male body hes 11 he shold know

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