who do you think will get the most points this week in ffl?

a)p.burresswr vs washington

b)m.colston wr vs carolina

c)t.henry rb vs new england

d)l.coles wr vs oakland pick 2 tell which one better

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    Definately start Burress because Shockey is out and the Redskins secondary is awful. The other three are close, but I'd go with Coles since the Jets need a win to get into the playoffs, even though the Raiders allow the fewest passing yards in the league. Good luck.

  • 1 decade ago

    I like Burress and Henry. Burress is the #1 target in New York. He's really tall and strong which makes him a Red Zone threat all the time. He also has big play capability. Washington will have thier hands full with him and Shockey. Expect 8 catches, 110 yards and a TD. Henry however is up against a team that has clinched a playoff bearth in the Patriots. New England has a banged up defense and may want to give them a rest. This would line Henry up for a big game on the ground.

  • 1 decade ago

    I would take Burress by a little bit over Coles since both teams need to win. Taking Burress because without Shockey there aren't very many other options for Manning.Both players will probably score with Burress getting a few more Yards than Coles.

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    I would go with a toss up. Either Burress or Colston.

    They are both redzone threats.

    Burress has the deep play and will get alot of yards.

    But Colston will also see the ball more often.

    I say both are good but I go with Colston 40 more yards.

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  • 1 decade ago


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