ok,iam russian girl,living in usa,iam a teacher in elementary school and a social worker?

I studied in russia and have 2 diplomas from college & university,i want to work here as a teacher,do i need to take classes,how long it usually and is it better to work here as a teacher or a social worker?

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    You will need to take additional classes (usually methodology and student teaching). You should contact your local university to find out which, if any, of your credits will transfer to an American university. Generally speaking if all of your credits transfer then it should take you about 1.5 years (30 credtis) to complete your education courses and then 1 semester of student teaching.

    In regards to your second question, I would say that it depends on your personality and interests. Both Social work and teaching are not high paying fields but social work has a higher turnover rate, due to the high stress of the job.

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    on the grounds which you think of you will like social artwork, yet want a school placing i think of a school counselor may be the ideal occupation for you, extremely as an difficulty-unfastened college counselor. on the highschool point lots of a counselors time is spent advising pupils on college & occupation options, writing letters of recomendation to schools. A counselor on the priority-unfastened point is via no potential 'in the back of the scene' -- they artwork immediately with each and every student interior the college. They instruct training instructions to each and each classification, do counseling while a team of buddies don't get alongside and somebody feels skipped over, look after donations while a kinfolk needs nutrition or clothing, information an dissatisfied toddler while mum and dad divorce, information pupils while a toddler is being bullied, take action while a toddler is abused or neglected, set up help while a kinfolk needs help with Christmas, instruct 'stranger threat' instructions, and lots extra. Schoold counselors are paid lots extra advantageous than instructors, too. i think of you will desire to evaluate it.

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    you may need degrees for either job. Social workers usually have very big work loads..and can be depressing...I'd go for the Teacher...you might want to try a Catholic school some don't require the certification.

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    Teacher is better. Later you can see other options while doing this job. Let the show run first...

    "S Novim Godam, Yulia!"... ( I know some Russian:-))

    All the best...

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    probably so

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