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what is the best way to get rid of bad viruses on your computer?

I keep getting a trojan butterfly virus detected by my virus protection thing. I keep getting tossed off the net. It only lets me on for like 2 minutes before internet "encounters a problem"

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    Get a good virus protection program would be my first pick.,,...

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    Follow the advice on the follow page

    The fact that you experience Internet problems will complicate the removal process. Ask a friend with an Internet connection to download the required software, burn it to a CD and install it on your computer. Don't worry about updating the software, the virus and spyware definitions will only be a day or two old.

  • Anonymous
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    I suggest that you try to carryout system restore to a day previous to the day when there was no virus or any problems. It may be a few weeks or months back. You have to decide the date. Detailed instructions are posted at

    The problem is likely to be solved. Then,You insatll a standard antivirus soft ware such as Norton, AVG , Avast ( free antivirus software and Ad-aware, Ewido ( free spyware removers). You can download free softwares at and

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    I would try Symantec Norton Internet Security 2007 and PC-Tools Spyware Doctor 4--in that order. (I feel that this combination is a lot more effective than Spybot and Ad-Aware, which used to be good, but are really showing their age)

    The good news is that both of these programs have free trial versions which will let you run a scan.

    You may also want to try a new Microsoft product, Windows Defender, which is free.

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    Buy Windows Live One Care

    its abought 40$

    works on up to 3 computers

    You can find it in you local staples

    I had the viruse "thesafteytoll" in nearley killed my comp its hijacted all my personal info and wouldnt let me acces internet it was the worst virus out there this program fixed the viruse its still on my comp but its blocked and cannot do dammage its the Best program ive seen

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    most virus are spread through IE. IE is not a safe browser. you should use a more secure browser to protect your PC from virus.

    i recommand you to use firefox with Google toolbar. firefox can block any any popup and disable any virus and adware, spyware on webpage, so, firefox is much safer than IE browser. as you know, most of virus spread throught internet and webpage.

    besides, firefox is much smaller than IE, so it run faster than IE.

    download firefox for free, Just have a try:

    Merry Xmas !!! Happy NewYear !!!

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    Reboot in Safe Mode with Networking. This will only allow programs needed for windows to start up.

    To get into Safe Mode with Networking. Reboot. As soon as it starts to load press F8 repeatedly until you get the next screen. Use your arrow keys to choose Safe Mode with Networking.

    Then run the scans below.

    You can run a free online scan from Trendmicro. When I have tested it it takes some time to run it but it may be time well spent if it can fix any problems.

    Download and run

    Download, update and run Spybot--- . Don't forget to use the Immunize feature.

    Download, update and run Adaware---

    Trendmicro should pick it up and fix it. If not get Hijackthis.

    Download HijackThis--- Run and Save a Log. When you log comes up copy and paste the entire log at . Analyze your results. You will then get a screen that will tell you if you have any nasty stuff in your computer. Follow instructions to deal with any nasties. CAUTION: This is a very powerful tool. Be careful.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago & these are both free . the first will fix errors that are most likley what is toosing you off the net. the second will remove and protect from virus and spyware and it runs well with any and all anti virus you now have. and you might need to go into safe mode with networking to down load them and run to fix if your pc wont stay running long enough. to do this click start-turnoff pc-restart and then when it goes to the screen with the bar running accross the bottom start clicl and keep clicking the F8 key till it goes to the screen with options there you will need to use theup arrows on key board to go up to safe mode with networking then click will then start in safe mode and have access to the internet.good luck.

  • Chris
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    I suggest you do a system restore. Then when your computer is okay create a new restore point. After that remove old restore points that contain the virus by using disk clean-up in 'more options' menu. .. And don't download CyberDefender. It is a spyware. My Spybot Search and Destroy had removed it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If your anti-virus fails to remove the virus, then better replace it. You could do a System Restore too. It takes back your computer's configuration to some previous date, ehwn the virus was not there.

    Happy New Year!!!!

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    AVG from AVG used to be free but starting to charge next year. I would buy CyberDefender. It is by far the fastest and best to catch 95% of problems. Worth the money of $46.

    Best free now I believe is avast! which runs in background for 7 different areas i.e. mail, chat, etc. I use it too.

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