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What should I do for New Year's Eve? It's official the new BF doesn't have any plans w/me for N.Y.E. He keeps

saying he's working 11a-5p and he needs to see what his kids are doing. I understand he has family obligations and one of the things I appreciate about him is that he loves his kids so much. He acts like he loves me so much. But N.Y.E is special to me and I think he's making excuses. He couldn't have figured out what his kids were doing for N.Y.E. before NOW? Talk about last minute! Another friend invited me to his house with his family, but I don't wanna go. So I don't have a date at all for N.Y.E! What should I do? If the BF calls tomorrow, should I just act like I have plans?

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    personally, I wouldn't play a game of pretending you have plans, when you don't. What does that solve at all? You are still stuck with no plans for N y e and he has no idea you are upset! Why not openly talk to him and let him know you are abit hurt and bothered that he has waited until last minuet to contact you.I'm not sure how long you have been going out, but my guess if it is not too long, it might not of even occurred to him you wanted to go out so badly.

    perhaps his kids just found out themselves what they are doing. (not everyone makes plans before hand..many do it on the moment me) SO how could he tell you what was happening if he didn't know himself yet?

    Is he usually considerate to you?..Does he let you know things before hand often? Think of these things before you go the route of pretending you have plans. That just seems too childish IMO. Tell him truthfully what you were hoping for. How is he to know if you play games?

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    Well, since he is not giving you an answer (which he should have by now) you don't want to wait around until the last minute. I would go ahead and make plans with some friends--your life should not stop until he makes a decision. And I would not go to his house if another friend invited you, and he didn't yet. So if another friend is going there, does that mean he is having a get together anyway?? Why weren't you invited yet?? I could totally be wrong, but something just does not sound right. Good luck!! :)

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    Looks like u need to go out there and flash in public, I am pretty sure there will be couple of guys who will kiss u on New Year's Eve.

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    new year with a new bf or same old bf in the new year? this is a great time for you to make a decision...and to know what you really care about.

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    that sucks

    seems like you need to find a new bf

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