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how do i hook up my laptop to another laptop?

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    if you have an Ethernet port on the laptop, you can use an Ethernet cross over cable. Just assign one laptop the address of and the other, plug in the Ethernet cross over cable into the laptops, and share an area

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    in case you're speaking approximately hooking up the two displays together from 2 diverse lappy's then no as there is not any enter for video in basic terms output dvi hdmi vga you have 2 displays through way of television or computer screen plus computer video exhibit yet you may no longer span one computer video exhibit accross yet another computer video exhibit which i think your question is, if i'm incorrect then please dismiss,

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    Create your own small network with an Ethernet router.

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    The quick and easy way is a USB transfer cable. For example, this one:

    It's pretty cheap and pretty fast.

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