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what was the porpose of the french and indian war? also, how did it come apon?

i want to know how it started and who made it start. please, i dont only want a website i want explanations!!!

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    The French and the British were fighting over North America. It revolved around three of the typical reasons fight, money/trade, colonization, and religion. The Brits had a lucrative trade of pelts going on and didn't want to lose it. They also were laying claim to vasts portions of the land. Also, the Brits feared that if the French played a dominant role in the new world, the Roman Catholics would control it and that was the EXACT opposite of what they were trying to do.

    The French's only allies were the indians.

    By the way, it was the French who taught the Indians how to scalp people.

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    It began in 1755 and was started because of the a dispute over who should own the ohio river valley. The French had started moving into the area, but Virginia was not happy with this and wanted it for itself. So George Washington an upstart Colonel lead a militia in the area. This was militia was destroyed by the French. And this lead to the Britain sending two regiments under General Braddock. This really can be seen as the start of the war. Braddock too was defeated, and war was declared shortly after.

    The war coinsided with the sevens war in europe, but was a side show to the real war which took place in europe. The French and indian war then expanded to a British offensive to capture all the French colonies in North America, Indian and the Caribbean. Thus allowing them to swap these colonies for areas of europe they had lost to france at the treaty ending the war. As was the trend in the time.

    However Britain was more successful than it expected and ended up capturing all of New France (canada) all the French Caribbean islands, and all the french areas of India. This can be seen as the birth of the British empire.

    However the colonies refused to pay for the war they had wanted and this lead to the rebellion of 1778.

    In a nut shell though the war was fought to capture French colonial possessions and thus allow Britain to us them as bargaining to regain Hanover, Minorca and other British possessions in Europe.

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    It was a "spillover" war that the French and British were having in Europe. The goal of the French in North America was to prevent any further English settlement west of the Appalachians and cement their hold on the Mississippi Valley. The goal of the British was to drive the French out the land beyond the Appalachians and, if possible, drive them completely out of North America.

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