I was supposed to get my period earlier this December around the beginning of the month, but didn't or did I?

Instead of a normal bleeding it was just very light pink and barely enough for a pantiliner. I took a First Response test the next day and got a negative, 2 days later I took another one with same brand and it still came out negative. Just 2 days ago which is the end of December already I took an E.P.T. certainty digital test and they come with two test strips, the first one I took was positive! I was so happy but the next morning I used the other strip and it was negative. I have taken 2 other tests same E.P.T. brand and they both came out negative. I dont' know what to go for. I heard that even with just 1 positive test you're more likely to be pregnant. Also I do not take any medication of any sort that might trigger a false positive. I'd go to the doctor but I don't have the money to do so. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Nothing rude please. Thanks to those who answer.

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    i don't want to get your hopes up but the bleeding you described does sound an awful lot like implantation bleeding ( the embryo burrowing into the lining of the uterus) this kind of bleeding differs from a normal period (lighter, shorter, not usually bright red.. may be pink or brown) if you want a quick way to get a better idea before going in for a blood test, i would get a basal body thermometer. if you have continuous high temps, you are most likely pregnant. when your body is pregnant it continues to secrete the heat inducing hormone, progesterone to maintain the uterine lining for the growing fetus. take your temps first thing waking up.. don't get up and move around or you will not get an accurate reading. u might want to check out the book, taking charge of your fertility by toni welscher. it's essentially the "bible" all fertility books. they will probably have it at your library if you don't want to buy it. hope this helps!

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    Sounds like u might be it is possible to have false negatives. You should wait a week or two and test again it could be just to early. Do it right in the morning. Also check your temp if it stays high and doesn't drop u may be. Or u can wait a while and go to the planned parenthood clinic and they can help u know what's going on. It's based on how much money u make.

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    Those digital tests really cant be trusted.

    Try a free clinic or a planned parenthood.

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    The best thing to do isuse your morning pee!! and if it somes positive then then i would go for that!!

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