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I'm sick hlp?

I have been sick for the last month with strep throat, but i've had fevers every day and really bad mouth sores. also i've had a dramatic loss of weight due to decrease of appetite. now i have crohn's disease so will the strep flare my crohn's too?

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    I certainly hope you have been to the doctor. Are you sure this is strep throat/ Strep throat should respond to antibiotics...and not last a monthe. you really do need to see your doctor ...sak a ot of questions andbe sure he explains things clearly.

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    Go to doctors as strep resond to antibiotics easily. If got ulcers then rinse with salty water, and spit out. Do often.

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    You'll probably need to discuss that with your doctor and take any preventative meausures suggested if this could be an issue.

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