How to find total number of Even Factors of any number(say 35428)?

There is some Formula/Method.... but i m unaware of it. If someone know it plz...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First can you find the total number factors? To do that find the prime factorization, then multply together each exponent plus 1. But to find the number of even factors, just do not add 1 to the exponent of 2 (of course if 2 is not a factor of your number then it has 0 even factors). Here is an example.

    360 = (2^3)*(3^2)*(5^1), so the number of factors it has is (3+1)*(2+1)*(1+1) = 24. The number of even factors it has is 3*(2+1)*(1+1) = 18.

    So just factor your number, and then once you get the exponents of the factors, you will be all set.

  • 1 decade ago

    you cab easily calculate the number of even factors use permutation and combination.all you need to do is this:

    1.take a number say 10800,find its prime factorsie


    2.we can write the factors as (2^4)*(3^3)*(5^2)

    3.thus total factors becames=product of power of each prime factore +1 ie (4+1)*(3+1)*(2+1)

    4for even factors out of 4 two's one will always be included,so even factors will be (3+1)*(3+1)*(2+1)

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