What hardware should i buy?

I have a wireless modem to receive my internet service. i plug that into the back of my computer via an ethernet cord. i have a new computer coming that has wireless lan and i also would like to hook up my xbox 360 without having to move it closer to the computer to connect it to the ethernet cable going to my modem.. what can i buy thatr i can simply plug the modem in and wirelessly send the internet signal to my computer, my xbox?

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    u need to buy a wireless router

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    1 decade ago

    You need to buy a "wireless router". You can plug your modem into that, and it will send a wireless signal to your computer.

    I don't think the xBox has wireless capabilities (anybody out there feel free to correct me on that, i really don't know), but that's ok because you can also hardwire devices into wireless routers. Just put your router next to your xBox so you can hardwire it with an ethernet cable.

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