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Is pepper spray legal to use in Pennsylvania?

Is it? Specifically in Lancaster County, if that helps. As of recently, I'm considering pepper spray to be something I'd like to have.

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    Hello =)

    It is legal to sell and possess in Lancaster County, and every county in PA, with the exception of Philadelphia County, to my knowledge. I used to sell it at Green Dragon Market, and I checked into the legality of it beforehand.

    Anytime you would use it, anywhere, however, you would have to be justified, or it could be considered "assault". Justification involves being in danger of assault from a person or animal. You can't just spray someone who comes up and talks to you, because it makes you feel uncomfortable. You need to recognize some sign of intention to do you harm.

    I suggest getting the kind that has the UV marker dye in it. It makes the job easier for police to identify the assailant, or the vicious animal later.

    Stun guns are also an option in PA, just not in Philadelphia County. They are no more, nor less humane that pepper spray, and may be a more effective deterrent.

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    Pepper Spray is legal in all 50 states. However, possession and/or use may be regulated or prohibited by law in some jurisdictions. Check with your local police department.

    Can I Legally Buy Pepper Spray Through the Mail?

    You can´t buy pepper spray by mail or through the internet from Hawaii, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, ***Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin.

    What is the legal way to use pepper spray?

    Using pepper spray irresponsibly can incur criminal or civil liability. Spraying an innocent victim in the face can be a crime. Much like a punch in the face, it would be charged as assault or battery in most jurisdictions. The justification for using pepper sprays must either be self-defense from personal injury or an arrest situation, and the force must be reasonable under the circumstances. For example, the law says you can´t lawfully spray someone in the face for using obscene language or because you are simply afraid because they look mean.

    Is there anyplace where I can never carry my pepper spray?

    Yes. You cannot carry pepper spray on board commercial aircraft. This is a Federal crime that can carry up to a $25,000 dollar fine. It is ok to carry pepper spray in your checked baggage although it is highly advisable that you notify the ticketing agent when you check your baggage. Also since 9/11/01 you may have issues when carrying pepper spray into secured locations such as a Federal buildings, State buildings or anyplace where you pass through a security checkpoint. Although there are no laws that we are aware of you should use your common sense here.

    When is it right to use pepper spray?

    You should ONLY use pepper spray if you are threatened or your life is in danger. Please note that it is a crime to use pepper spray to commit malicious acts. Always remember that you assume all risk and liability for owning and using pepper spray. Even if you use it correctly, there is no guarantee that it will always be effective at hindering an attack, and there is always the possibility that it may be used against you instead.

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    Is pepper spray legal to use in Pennsylvania?

    Is it? Specifically in Lancaster County, if that helps. As of recently, I'm considering pepper spray to be something I'd like to have.

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    Carrying pepper spray is legal in Pennsylvania (there are no laws to the contrary) with the exception of Philadelphia. So if you are in Philly, it would be illegal for you. Gotta love Philly - it's why I stay away from there, even though I'm only about 45 minutes away.

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    WOW There really are some folks who don t know what they are talking about!!! Pepper spray IS LEGAL in Philadelphia. Stun guns and tasers are NOT. FYI pepper spray is also legal in NJ, but only certain sizes.

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    Interesting question

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    not, unless u r the police..but there are alternative products similar to that u can carry...

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    Wow, thanks! I was asking myself the same thing the other day

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