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Why are liberals FOR abortions and yet are so sad of the hanging of an evil murdering dictator?

In a previous post a liberal said of Saddam's hanging - it is easy to take a life but not easy to give it back ...

When you abort a baby you KILL it ...why is that okay? What is wrong with putting to death such an EVIL man who killed so many people for fun and entertainment?

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    Because Saddam hates President Bush, the liberals love him. Think back to all the liberal rhetoric before the election... what party do the traitor senators that are right now "visiting" with terrorist dictators in foreign countries belong to? Their hate for Bush has overwhelmed their reason... assuming they had any to begin with of course.

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    You ask one of the greatest questions that makes no sense to me. First I was liberal or as I would call it progressive until about 8 years ago when Tom Dashel opened his mouth. This made me look long and hard at politicians who simply spew garbage out of their mouths. While I do not oppose abortion in the proper circumstance and not as a birth control measure, I clearly think an evil man such as SADAM must be executed. With that said, the fact that a lefty feels an unprotected fetus has no rights and a savage brutal murdered should have all the protection in the world and be almost be restored and placed back in his position as Dictator. I guess my answer is that Liberals do not see that evil exists. They think all people wish to be nice and will want to NEGOTIATE. Liberals do not see that some people are evil. Hitler, Stalin, Sadam...Arafat, Hamas, Terrorists, these entities or people will not bow to reason or what is correct, they simply will kill or be killed. So, if you don't have the fundamental belief that some evil needs to be destroyed, you cannot see that killing Sadam is good and killing a fetus is wrong. I hope I made sense, but I am very sure that this stems from this incredibily faulty premise that all people are good and can be negotiated with.

    After reading a few more answers, I want to reiterate what they said, NO ONE thinks abortion is good, Choice is good given the proper circumstance. The irony or inconsistancy of the position is the great conundrum.

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    When I see such rediculous analogies, my first thought is why bother to answer such small minded infantilia! That said I decided 2 points would be great and then a potential best answer would be fabulous. Okay now that my self centered abuse of your question is behind us, here comes the answer:

    Lesson number one: What you know about being a liberal is clearly shat upon by the beleaguered rhetoric you are subjected to by the likes of a distorted and corrupt administration. I am a liberal and I am saddened by any death of anyone. It is not fun to know that you as a human had any hand in the death of anyone human being. Saddam was put to death without much of an appeal process. I believe it was too quick. Here in America it takes a lot of process to put someone to death. But if you agree with the way the Iraqid did it thats between you and your G-d.

    As for abortion, I dont believe any single liberal is FOR ABORTION...hence your ignorance... LIBERALS believe in choice and if you choose to abort then that is between you and your G-d. Liberals do not like the idea that people cannot have a choice and be trusted to make it appropriately.

    I dont think liberlas believe killing babies is a good thing. How you can even suggest that is beyond me. It shows that you have zero understanding for your fellow humankind.

    So your question, in its final sentence begs the question....and its the question of whether a human has the right to put another human to death.

    I dont care how evil someone is...are you G-d to make that judgment of when it is appropriate to put someone to death? AND THEN who hangs the hangman? IS this cycle of man made retribution to continue regardless of G-d's intervention. Saddam Hussein should have had a fair due process after all he is human. So my question back to you is, if you do not believe in CHOICE and if you think ALL LIBERALS believe in abortion and that is wrong then why is it NOT okay to abort but it is okay to HANG???? You confuse me!!!

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    I am a liberal, but I can see where you're coming from. I am not for abortions, I am for women having a choice of what to do. I think that they should be allowed to have an abortion if they want to, but only during the first few months of pregnancy. After that, the unborn baby has developed feeling and awareness, and that is when they become truly alive.

    As for Saddam's death, I do feel that it is wrong to hang him, but on the other hand, it is a good thing to have that evil out of this world. There is something I have always wondered about people who kill, do they do it because they have no feelings for their fellow humans, or do they feel justified in killing them despite the fact that they know that the people they kill are just as human as they are? If a killer truly feels no sympathy for their victims, then I think that there is nothing wrong with the death penalty.

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    I feel no sympathy for Saddam or what happened to him.

    I do think think anyone should be forced to be a parent. It's the hardest job in the world when you WANT to be one, let alone if it was not your choice. I do not think that is a decision anyone can make for anyone else.

    I do not force my views on this on anyone else. No, I've never had an abortion. I had a miscarraige 2 years ago, and I gave birth to my beautiful daughter exactly 1 year ago to the day I had a miscarriage.

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    WE grew up being taught that homicide isn't sturdy. in the previous abortion develop into no longer a norm yet now it starts off to be usual and area of the norm. yet basically it remains homicide once you abort an unborn new child. while it includes the alternative while existence has began, actually as quickly with the aid of fact the fetus starts off to advance from day a million existence has began already. the shape of fetus starts off with combining of sperm and egg cellular...those 2 cells while mixed already created existence...its the 1st technique and important one. universal...abortion should not be allowed in despite circumstances would be. Its in basic terms a remember of accepting the god given present whether develop into reason by offender action. added answer: with regard to the "homicide" of animals for intake, God already gave us the authority to do this when the great flood. yet what's quite homicide is once you kill the animal devoid of any obvious reason. There are canines that have been positioned to sleep with the aid of fact they're risky yet once you kill them in basic terms for the heck of it then it quite is punctiliously undesirable!

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    NO ONE is for abortion. NO ONE enjoys performing it.

    Planned Parenthood would love to just teach about contraception, without having to worry about young (and old) people ignoring the consequences of unprotected sex. OBGYNs would love to just treat women who want a birth.

    The problem is people are human and things happen they don't think through. All options should be available to women to make an informed choice.

    As far as Saddam. Who cares? No one should take pleasure in the killing of any other human. Sometimes it's necessary.

    As for your "fun and entertainment", congratulations, you're the first woman sadist I've met.

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    I don't know if liberals are sad in general. I think it's more a point of being pro-choice with being anti-death penalty.

    Unborn babies are innocent and don't get a trial and a mass murderer and thug gets one, but some people champion the former while crying 'foul' at the latter. Sad and true, but that's the paradox.

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    I hear that i am pro life but wanted Saddam to pay for his crimes with his life and beyond that. I doesn't make much sense does it.They will have allot to answer for when they stand before God and explain !!!!!!! and we will all be there ,as Jim Morrison said ''no one gets out of here alive''

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    They had bad childhoods so their thinking is a little off.

    I blame it all on their upbringing. Liberals cannot be held accountable for their actions since they have such miserable lives.

    Wasn't that another question? LMAO

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