I have kittens with an upper respiratory infection, finished antibiotics, but now eyes are goopy, what do I do

They are stray kittens, and I am taking care of them, gave amoxicillin til it ran out along with children's meds, and they got better, but now the sneezing is coming back, and their eyes are all goopy, is there anything else I can do?

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    1 decade ago
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    Tell the vet for starters & with a warm wet washcloth,,gently wipe their eyes slowly.Do not pry eyes open.Thx for taking in the strays.Bless your heart.

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    1 decade ago

    the answer is so easy. Take them back to the vet. No excuses. You must take FULL RESPONSIBILITY if you decide to take on such a task. I know you are trying to help and that is lovely, but almost is simply not enough. you should never use a human med. or over the counter stuff on an animal. it can be so dangerous. (i work in a vet.s office) It is probably rhionoticinitus, which can be fatal in 50% if adult cats and 90% in kittens if left untreated. It is highly contagious, but curable if you keep up the good work. Please try to help them, they need you so much. And for everybody out there, she would not be going through this if all responsible pet owners would SPAY and NEUTER. it is so important. there are over six million stray unwanted cats and kittens in the world today. most meet a horrific death.

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    1 decade ago

    Sounds like they need to be on the medication longer. Call the vet and ask if you can get more meds to treat longer. Goopy eyes and sneezing is a sign of infection (URI). Maybe a dose of an antibiotic injection to boost their immune system by the vet would help. Call the vet and ask.

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    a visit at the vets is necessary. no point in self treating, especially with human meds.

    take them back for further treatment.

    to keep them comfortable until then, wipe there eyes and nose with a damp cotton wool swab to help move mucus and aid breathing. also the use of olbas oil aids breathing. place a few drops on a cloth and place near to the little ones.

    ensure eating/drinking to prevent dehydration and nutrition.

    most cats will refuse to eat if has a blocked nose as can not smell the food so ensure very smelly foods are offered. sounds as though they could have cat influenza (cat flu) or another closely symptomatic condition.

    they do need to be seen.

    distemper is a canine disease not feline!

    qualified veterinary nurse UK

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  • 4 years ago

    I accept as true with the different person. top respiration an infection is especially difficulty-loose in cats and that i've got generally been powerful treating it with a 2 week antibiotic. a million week isn't sufficient and your kitten is having a relapse. And so a techniques as putting the kitten to sleep, that became a dumb answer.

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    I wouldn't give them any human medicine to begin with. Was the amoxicillin something your vet gave you? I've noticed clavamox drops work well with URI's. They usually take it for a week and it needs to be refrigerated. Are they both being treated at the same time? Because they could be passing infections back and forth. Keep them away from other animals until it's resolved.

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    The infection may have not been completely gone and now coming back strong. They need more meds and probably some eye drops too.

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    1 decade ago

    Take them to the vet. Since they are strays, there's a good chance they have distemper- and the odds are against them getting well and living long. Meanwhile, you could use a warm damp cloth to wipe their eyes.

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    Please call your VET!

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