What should a concerned Best friend do about this situation?

ok, my Best friend has her so called Boyfriend over. that she met over the int. they have been keeping in touch like this for a year or 8 months. They finall got to meet in person on the 27th of Dec. and not 3 days later they were making out and he tried to pulled out his penis. and do it with her. With out evening asking her just assuming she was ready. And hes 19 and shes 17. And I am the only one she has told should I BE CONCERNED? should I TELL her mom or what should i do?


o ya did i tell you guys u already lost his virginity before. so, basically he has sex already before. and i mean he is in the army if that changes anything

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    Tell her mother, now!!! He claims that he is is 19, he could be older.

    Your friend could be in a dangerous situation, tell her mother, but realize she may be upset with you and may not want to be your friend.

    You just might be saving her from rape or serious bodily harm.

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    This is a serious situation, and puts you in the middle, but the truth is, first consult your girlfriend and ask her how she really feels about what happened, if you both agree to do what is morally, and legally right, then by all means tell someone you trust that will help you. This so called 19 yr old exposed himself which is agianst the law, and also is classified a legal adult, your friend is still a juvinile at 17 and that causes big time nononos. The results in the end will be embarrasing, and jail time or probation for the adult but whats worse is he might retaliate and cause even more problems for your friend, its best to break of contact with this so called adult now, if he continues agianst your friends requests then its time to let the law put him in stripes and behind bars.

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    Sounds like he could be a bit of a sexual predator, but at 19 most guys are pretty horny.

    Your friend has to decide what is right for her, not you or her mother.

    She wouldn't be the first or last woman to have sex at 17, and I think most of them live pretty normal lives after the fact.

    Will she get her heart broke? Probably, but then again most people do...hiding away won't help that, and if you interfere, you will have a broken friendship..that can probably never be repaired.

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    Try talking to your friend and just explain to her that you're only thinking of her. Ask her if it's what she really wants. If it is then all you can do is support her like a best friend does. At the same time suss the guy out and if you think he is no good then tell her, but be careful how you say it because it may cause problems between you two.

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  • Please go tell her mom, he could be serious threat to your friend. There are toooo many weirdos on the net and just because they have been talking for almost a yr doesn't mean that he is an okay person. He could be a sexual predator even if he is only 19 and that is if he isn't lying about his age. TELL HER MOM. P.S. you are being a good friend.

    Source(s): Dateline NBC
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    I think you should be concerned. She doesn't really know anything about this guy except for what he's told her and who knows how much of it is true. Maybe tell someone ( her Mom) about the guy just so she will be aware and can watch for warning signs. You are a good friend to care about her and to try to protect her.

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    You will just look concerned if you only talk to your friend.If you saw that he is rushing the situation with your friend,and if she agrees,then she should let him go.Don't think about telling her mother.You don't know how she will take it.Just make a conversation with your friend about the matter and advice her to make up for a decision about it.

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    yes, tell her mom! NOW!!! he says he's 19 but he's probably older. Tell your friends mom now! your friend may be mad at you for telling but she'll soon realize that you did the right thing. She'll appreciate it and so will her mom.

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    talk to your friend and tell her to get rid of him. if she doesn't dump him, or you think she probably wont, call her mother. you can even get the police involved probably cuz she is a minor. you just have to catch them being indecent or have her confess to it. she should be very careful about this internet relationship thing. i think it is obvious that he wants to take advantage of her.

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    I think you should be very concerned,this guy could do something terrible,talk to her bout it,if she wont listen,talk to a sibling,if she has any.If that all fails you have to tell her mum

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