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Mariah asked in Computers & InternetSecurity · 1 decade ago

I'm having trouble remembering my AOL password...?

AOL is not my Internet provider, but I recently created an AOL e-mail account. But now I can't remember the password. So I clicked "I forgot my password" entered my screen name and the security code thing. Then it leads me to a page with my security question, which I answer. At this point, I think everything is correct. But then it asks to enter the "Billing Contact Name." I'm not sure what this is, or what it means. I entered my name and other names I could have possibly put down, but every time I click "Next" it just takes me back to the beginning, with entering my screen name and security code. This is sooo frusterating! What do I do!? What is "Billing Contact Name"!??!


toddk57, the links didn't said the page could not be displayed...

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    GET A YEARLY PLANER AND WRITE ALL YOUR PASWORDS IN IT! the only way to allways remember them is to store them and NOT on line.

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    Sorry to hear of your problem. Passwords can be troublesome to some people. As a network IT admin, one solution I like to suggest to users who keep forgetting their passwords is the local tattoo parlour. For a few dollars you can have your password permanently recorded in a place you aren't likely to lose or forget. For a few mor dollars the password can be tattooed somewhere more "secure".

    Good luck with AOL.

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    Coastal : according to " Security" you must relize this is

    Internet service provided for users ! see


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