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Can Chinese people access to the GeoCities?

Can you access to the each web sites from the mainland China?


or would be rejected by the Great Fire wall?

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    No, geocities is not accessible from China. I haven't been able to update my webpage there for over a year now.

    It seems that the Chinese government blocks certain webpages for some reason or the other. But then sometimes they unblock it and a bit later it is blocked again. I can't access geocities, wikipedia and some other webpages (including the one from the company I work for....)

    Source(s): I live in China.
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    I can access it, and I am in henan province. Do you know about the earthquake of the coast of tiawan knocking out internet access to north american websites?...although, it seems that that problem is mostly fixed now.

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    when i was in china i try to visit my website on geocities and i was unable to do so, i checked it in shanghai, and in Guangzhou, i tried hard but i was not able to view it at all

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    yes but I can't visit many other sites because of the earthquake

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    Yes, of course.

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