replacement of power outlet for 1999 ford tarus?

I am trying to reconnect the cigarette lighter and can not figure out how to remove the ash tray assembly

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Console Mounted:

    Remove beverage holder by carefully unsnapping front portion using a flat-blade screwdriver. Grasp beverage holder and unsnap from console panel

    Open ash receptacle and move gearshift lever to 1 position

    Grasp console top panel and pull rearward to unsnap from console center finish panel. Disconnect electrical connectors from cigar lighter socket and retainer and lamp assembly.

    Remove console top panel from vehicle.

    Instrument Panel Mounted

    Open ash receptacle.

    At RH rear of ash receptacle, disconnect electrical connectors to cigar lighter socket and retainer.

    Depress locking tab on LH rear and RH rear corners of ash receptacle toward center and pull ash receptacle from instrument panel

    Unscrew retainer from socket and remove cigar lighter socket and retainer.

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