How does financial aid work if you are married?

I am thinking about going to dental school for 4 years after college, but I will be getting married in between. My future husband will also be in school, getting his master's, for 2 years. I am very worried about what our financial aid will be, since I will have college loans to pay off (I can borrow from parents). Dental school will be all on my own, though. Any idea what our financial aid will be like? Better or worse?

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    Here is a scenario: Say you are getting married March 2007 and want to apply fro financial Jan 2007. You can file your fafsa as a single person because the fafsa requires you to stipulate what your income, household status, at this point. Once you get married then you will need to report that on Jan 2008.

    Now, if you are considered a dependent student, meaning, you are below the age of 24, have no children, not a vet, not going to grad school; you will need your parents information to file the fafsa. If you are considered an independent student, then you will file your own taxes.

    Financial aid award will be determined on household income, people in the household, etc. The bad thing about financial aid is that you must maintain a good academic progress. Good thing you will get financial aid to pay for classes.

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    Wow I'd love to read the answers to this one! Sorry I don't know,but am in the same boat ur in~going back to school/would like some sort of financial aid if available.

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    Financial aid would be based on yours and your husband's income for dental school and him working on his masters. Marriage, age, and graduate school are considerations for being considered independent of your parents' income. I have included a reading on qualifications to be considered an independent student of your parents' income.

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    Depends how old you are.... If you a dependent student (older than 24) than you will have to go off of your income (plus your husband's)

    If you are under 24, then you will go off of your parents. Chances are, your husband will be making less.

    You're better off to stay single, but I got married and am doing fine. The stability helps me thru school.

    Good luck.

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