Temporary anxiety medication?

I have anxiety attacks on occasion, not often enough to need daily medicating. I know what triggers them and my doctor suggested medication for times when I thought it might be likely. My question is how fast would this work? Do I take it an hour ahead, a few minutes, a few hours? How long does it last? What drug will it be? Side effects? How well does it work?

I know I need to ask my doctor all this, and I will, but I would like to get an idea of things so I can plan accordingly. (She wont be available until after the holidays)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Drugs such as Xanax and Ativan work quickly (an hours or less). They usually last a few hours. They're safe if you follow your doctor's instructions.

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    I had a couple of anxiety attacks a few years ago. My doctor prescribed a low dose (0.25 mg) of Xanax to be taken on an "as-needed" basis when I felt one coming on. It seemed to work within 10 minutes. After I had a few anxiety attacks and knew what they felt like, I could get them to stop without taking any medication. Once I knew there was nothing physically wrong with me it became easier to make the anxiety attacks stop. After a few more months I stopped having he anxiety attacks. The doctor warned me that Xanax is addictive. Since I enjoy Vicodin and Percocet, that sort of worried me. For me, Xanax had no pleasurable or addicting effects. It just made me sort of tired.

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    Xanax, valium or ativan.

    They work pretty quick...fifteen minutes or so. They're very calming. They may even knock you out, depending on your dosage and drug tolerenace. They are addictive but not if you take them a few times a month. If you take them daily you will get addicted.

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