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What is wrong with my hamster?

I went to pick up and play with my hamster when I noticed he had an area that didn't have any hair and there was a black thing hanging on his skin. When I saw it, I was disgusted and put him back down. Could it be a skin disease or something else? I still don't get how he's having this, I always take good care of him. Seeing him like this now is a real tearbreaker because it's so sad. I really want to do something about it, I was thinking about bringing him to a vet tommorow. I was so shocked but also very sad. I don't want my hamster to die.


I can't take it to the vet now. I live in Singapore and now it's midnight. I wish I could though.

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    Oh, how sad! I know that some vets wont take in small animals, but do you any veteranarians that really love animals and would hate to see one die? I am no vet here, but I owuld say the thing is maybe a tick or parasite. I don't think it is a skin disease, though.

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    If this is a tick, how would it have gotten in there? Mites are common, but you shouldn't see a black thing hanging on his skin. This could be a cancerous growth and should be checked by the vet.

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    i think its a tick if its out side the skin and its black and like a sort of egg shape its a tick put a bit of butter on it for 30 mins and then pull it off if that dosnt work take him to the vets its nothing realy to worry about good luck

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    Definately take him to the vet. It could be a skin disease or something more serious.

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    Bring him to the vet! When a hamster has balding patches it warrants attention.

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    Take it to the vet as soon as possible!! My hamster had the exact same thing. He just died this morning. Yes he will sufer if you don't get it treated!!! Good luck!!

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    It might be a tick,because they are known for biting and clinging on to the skin.To get it off, you can use a lighter to burn it off, or clip it off with tweezers.

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    sounds like you need to take him to the vet ASAP!


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    I dont know what it could be but I hope he gets better

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