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(not that you ever would be) but you're in a karaoke bar and if?

"that" guy or girl (or both) who can't sing for **** gets up there and sings "_________",as soon as i gouge my eardrums out with a ______, i'll cut out his or her larynx (voice box) with a ______!!!!

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    Can't give you the funny answeRRR youRRRRe looking for. You just coveRRRR youRRRR eares... GRRRRin and beaRRRR it!! SoRRRy!

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    Oh, but this DOES happen to me and my hubby.

    If any group of drunk girls who can't sing for crap gets up there and sings "Goodbye Earl" as soon as I gouge my eardrums out with the pens that are provided, I'll cut out their larynxes with a broken beer bottle.

    Source(s): Been there, done that. (not literally, but wanted to)
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    WHATS the ???? ,,, yes I have been in a karaoke bar and have heard some people sing that I was embarrassed for,,, but clap anyways ( cant help it , I don't want to hurt any ones feelings) Just like American Idol,, these people truly believe they can sing OR maybe its just the BOOZE?? which-ever, There isn't enough alcoholic beverages or drugs that could get me up there to make a a** out of myself... good luck getting your answer

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    sings "Blue" by Leeann Rimes

    gouge my eardrums with my keys

    cut out their larynx with my bare hands

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    butter knife

    high heeled shoe.

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