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help global warming?

what should people do to stop global warming. because basically everyone in the world is polluting more and more stuff every day.If you are reading this im pretty sure your not helping global warming.manly everybody in the world is not a tree huger/ And most people think tree hugers are phyco. So just type either one if you trying to stop global warming, or two if you are not helping at all. And be HONEST!!!!

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    Yes I am trying to help stop global warming.

    I walk to work. I plant several trees every year.

    I try to reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as I can.

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    To polutte, to use a computer, even to drive a car doesn´t mean you are dishonest or you contribute to global warming.

    Global warming is caused by unbalances.

    Higher proportion of CO2 and other GH gases, and less amount of green surface (trees, plants, etc.).

    I help seriously to reduce global warming, i don´t own a car, i save water and electricity power in many ways. But in this issie, it is not the most the important thing i do.

    The problem is not what we citizens do in our day by day.

    Most countries are reducing CO2 (or other GHG) or developing forests or both, and citizens have not changed their life at all.

    Transportations systems, electricity production, etc. those are the important issues.

    For example, we cann´t ask people to leave their car at home if they don´t have a reasonable public transportation system. And they are not guilty if their country doesn´t develop it. Only their governments are.

    We cann´t ask people to use electricity cars, create solar or wind electricity production plants. Citizens don´t manufacture cars, dont create power production plants, etc.

    Citizens are not guilty.

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    I'm trying to stop global warming. I don't take long showers and don't leave lights on to conserve energy! I'm gonna start planting trees once it's spring.

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    Recycling and using less of everything contributes to a better environment. I even started an organization whose goal is to tell people about the consequences of global warming. it also installs recycling bins in some places.

    The thing is, humans depend on the environment, and the environment depends on humans.

    (for the moment)

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    Plant a tree.

    Trees absorb tons of carbon over their lifetime and give off oxygen. It seems simplistic, but it is something you can do now. There is no need for research or waiting for someone else to do something.

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    I'm helping, cause I walk to work and I'm not greedy like the richman.

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