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Will my new industrial piercing be healed in time?

I'm going to be living in the Dominican Republic for a month this summer, and I'm going to be living with a family and traveling all over the country. I just got an industrial piercing a few days after Christmas, and my question is, do you think it will be healed in time for me to go to the Dominican? I will be leaving at the beginning of July, and we're going to be doing lots of swimming and activities.

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    I think it would be.

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    To start off with, I have an industrial. And the question is do you heal well? If you do it should be fine as long as you make sure it doesn't start to get irritated. If it does given the situation you should take it out and make sure the holes are clean, no crusty gunk, so forth. If you don't heal that fast just keep an eye on it a little bit longer and keep it clean no matter what you do. That is the key, clean! Have fun!

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    it shoudl be for the most part. the industrial is basically two helix piercings. cartilage piercing typically take 2 to 3 months to heal. I got 2 cartilage piercings (in the middle(outer) on my ear lobe) done 2 ...almost 3 months ago and they are still healing. but its not uncommon for them to take up to a full year to heal. since there isnt much blood flow to the cartilage it is easier to get infections and takes longer to heal.

    just use the aftercare pierce solution and do the ses salt soaks NOTHING ELSE no hydrogen peroxide, alcohols, or neosporing (Or any ointments!) these are all harmful to piercings and causes irritation and a longer healing duration.

    good luck and have fun!

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    Yeah, just be careful what side you sleep This has prolonged healing in a lot of my piercings. Just follow the instructions...I'm sure they gave you a piece of paper on how to take care of it, and if you think it's not healing properly or taking too long to heal go back to where you had it done.

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    If you got it now, yes. It only took about 2 months for mine to heal. Just be careful not to snag it on anything and MOST OF ALL, DO NOT USE NEOSPORIN ON IT! Neosporin is a no-no lol it causes the metal to heal to your skin so when it moves, it re-opens it. Get something that will help it heal from your body piercing/tattoo shop.

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    you failed to mention where the piercing was done. that will help to determine the length of time needed for recovery. based on my own experience, here's the possible male spots for piercing that i have had done & the recuperation times:

    nipples-----8-12 weeks with dayly cleaning and spraying on a antibiotic such as bactine

    prince albbert----2-4 weeks tops---again cleaning is important

    anywhere else on the p--is-----4-6 weeks

    anywhere on the scrtoum---4-5 weeks

    ears----1-2 weeks

    tongue-----2-3 weeks

    eyebrow----1-2 weeks

    goof luck and take good care of the peircing site. infection can set in quickly and do havoc on the healing of the piercing. i cleaned my piercings 3 x's daily (at the direction of my piercer) and have not experienced a major infection. one nipple ring was too tight and the hole had to be stretched to relieve pressure, nut other than that all went fine and on schedule.

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    yes but did you get a sheet with your piercing? or did they tell you ? if not call them and ask as a professional shop they should have let you know about the healing time

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    if you mean to take it out Id have to say know. But if you just mean will it not be sore so you can go in the water and it not be affected definatly. just dont touch it as much as possible and try not to put any pressure on it say in sleeping or whatever. it will be sore longer if you mess with it

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    for the most part, yeah. i had one and it healed in like a couple months or so. it was just sore every morning from sleeping on it.

    it will be fine by july. just make sure you clean it good while your there.

    have fun in the dominician rep.!

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