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How can I show her that I am really her friend?

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    when she calls you up and needs to talk -- listen. When she's sick -- bring her noodle soup, when she has an important event -- go and watch her. when she breaks up with a boyfriend -- go to her house and bring kleenex. when she suceeds -- hug her and tell her you're proud of her.

    Think of little things that you can do....buying her an exspensive gift doesn't show any thought, it shows that you can swipe a credit card. Be there for her and you're sure to show her that you really are her friend.

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    Be there for her, I don't mean like in her face ALWAYS there, I mean let her know that your there when she needs something, and your true test, where you can really show her is how you help when she's down. Don't be clingy, just let her know youu've got her back.

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