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why does my sheltie never shut up?

i have a sheltie that is a year old, and it consantly wines and complains! he has food and water and when i try to take it out he dosent want to go. is this the nature of the sheltie or is there a way to shut him up its getting really annoying all the barking and winning for no reason!

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    Like the others said, it's a trait of the Sheltie. Shelties are born to please their owners, but want attention in return. Their whining is how they "talk". It's not always that they need to go out or need food. Sometimes they just want to be petted or play. The good news is that they are one of the easiest dogs to train because they do just want to make you happy.

    As long as they don't need to go out, need food or water, you can correct them of the constant whining. It won't go away, but you can teach them to be quiet when you don't have time to play. The key is to use a strong tone and be consistent using the same words each time you correct him. I say "enough". I'm good at only needing to say it once or twice and my dog will go lay down.

    The barking will happen if you aren't paying attention when they need food, water, or to go out. But mostly, they bark when there's someone or some other animal on your property that doesn't belong. . You can correct him to stop barking, but I've learned that I have to go check what they're barking at first. Then tell him he's a good boy, and that it's ok for the person to be there. If I don't, they'll continue barking. It's their way of alerting you to trouble, so until you confirm for them that it's ok, they won't calm down.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): I've had a sheltie, now I have collie/shepherd mix.
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    I have a 3 year old Sheltie named Bogie. He did the same thing until he was almost 2 yrs old. He is better about that now but he goes nuts when I leave the house. He barks and jumps up against the front door and then he will run to the patio window door and jump up against that. I always worry he will go thru the glass. When it is raining and he is in the car with me he goes nuts because of the windshield wipers. He goes absolutely bonkers when my garage door is going up or down. Shelties definitely have anxiety problems but I would never get rid of him for the world. I have been watching Dog Whisperer and have gotten some good tips from that program about dog training and anxiety issues so I am trying them out. Good Luck with your Sheltie!

    ps - my Sheltie is gold and white. my sister has one that is black, tan and white. What coloring does yours have?

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    Yes, those darn, cute, cuddly little sheltie puppies grow up to be bark-aholics! The spray bottle is a great idea.

    Also take her out whether she wants to go or not to get her socialized to many different things.

    A dog park is terrific as he can run and bark and get to know more about the world than the inside of your yard and house.

    But just to take her out into the front yard and sit with her as cars and people go by or to a mall where lots of cars and people go by, but don't let them pet her. It's just a way of getting any dog to learn about the world around them and figure out a little bit about their place in it. This really helps them to adjust to all sorts of their many fears. With you by his side just walking in a park or down the side walk the dogs gets to see so many hew things that help them resolve so many unknowns in their minds.

    Good luck. IF you can't take all of the barking there are rescue organizations that is the best way to find another home for a high maintenance dog such as this one. If you just give him away to take him to the shelter he could get abused by someone who REALLY can't handle the barking.

    Source(s): My dogs had bad habits until they were about 2-3 years old. Then I learned how to train them better and now they are great. Having a young dog is really hard work.
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    It is a Sheltie, they are vocal. If barking and whining bother you, why would you get that breed?

    When he barks/whines use a water spray (set on fine so you don't injure him) in his face and tell him NO! You will have to be consistent. You also need to time it right for it to work, if you have to go and find the water bottle to do it, it is too late.

    Source(s): Show dogs for 30 years. Showed/bred Shelties many years ago.
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    Tyke is right!!!!! The first vet clinic I worked at had three sheltie breeders and debarking was a CONSTANT procedure!!! We did SOOOO mnay shelties it wasn't funny. They are very loud!!!!

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    It's a sheltie trait.

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    This is why research is so important before you get a dog.

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    Cause he wants attention and wants to be loved and helled.

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