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Saddam is makes a difference..yes or no ?

Saddam was once on our payroll and support in a war against the Iranians...remember when we USED him? Over a million people died in that 1980-1988 Iraq vs Iran WAR!

The USA was the EVIL HAND behind the curtain in Saddam's death and his life and that war.

Yes, Saddam was an evil person but the USA is an evil nation with a body count that far exceeds any enemy.

The USA is not a christian nation and no GOD would ever bless it. We are just hypocrites that amplify the evil of others as we turn a blind eye to our own.

It matters not that Saddam is matters more that the soul of america is just as dead.

9/11/01 was an example of how terrible bombing can be....interesting how americans bomb other nations repeatedly, yet consider it tragic when they get some of their own medicine.


The USA is the most dangerous nation on the planet because our leaders and people are for the most part ignorant.

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    Nope. I don't think it makes a difference. I think that the US always has to have a pissing contest with everyone who looks at them sideways. I love America, I'm American. I love the opportunities I've been given. I just think that it's stupid that we always get into other countries' buisinesses. We need to worry about the corruption, poverty, and homelessness in our country as opposed to butting into other peoples' affairs.

    I personally think that Saddam's death doesn't mean anything other than the begining of the end of a lot of nations... ours included. We (our President and government) don't have anyone to pick on anymore. We are going to find another country to pick on, and it's going to be the wrong country (*cough*, North Korea) and we are going to have a nuclear holocaust. My friends, my husband, daughter, family, and myself are going to suffer and die because our government wants to put our country at risk for the "well being" of nations whom they feel are not as independent as we. Nobody's asked for our help. If they do, we make excuses not to help them and to be in businesses that we don't belong.

    Arraogance of our leaders is what is going to kill this country.

    *Steps off of soapbox*

    Hope this adds some insight. And yes, I vote at every election.

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    First of all saddam committed horrible acts against his own people.He used his power and position for his own personal and financial gain.He tortured and killed many people that had different beliefs other than his own; that makes him a tyrant.His people did not serve him because of their love or respect for him.They served out of terror.So, doesn't that make him a terroist and a threat to the safety of the world...including you if you opposed him.He killed his own family members as well.Saddam's own acts sealed his own fate.He was judged and sentenced by his own people.

    Secondly, The US is not an evil nation.Sometimes we think our political leaders may be misguided by not to the degree of other countries controlled my dictators.The soul of the US is far from being dead..We are a resilent people; during crisis this country has a unique ability to pull together and forget and "close" the ranks that separates all society.The acts of 911 did not completely devasate this country as it was perhaps anticipated.We've stood strong as a nation and in the presence of the turmoil God has ever present.

    There are millions each year who want to become citizens here and have a chance to live in freedom, and prosperity.Why else do we have a problem with illegal aliens here.

    You speak of war and bombing.The US believes in negotiation and compomise.However, there is a time comes, that aggresive moves are the only ones understood.Unfortunately innocent lives are taken; and those lives are mourned.Sometimes to safe a life one must be taken if that life aims to take the innocent lives of others.

    The attacks of 911 where not just about the American people.They were acts of terrorism against a way of live and freedom.The Twin Towers victims were from all walks of life,religion(yes muslim too) who never harmed anyone.

    In your last sentence, you sound like you are living in the US.If you are so unhappy here;you are free to leave.You will miss the liberties and freedoms you have here.

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    I think it will increase the violence and killing in Iraq. As for Americans being ignorant just let me say that I have many many many American friends and they are not all ignorant but I find it alarming that Americans know so little about the rest of the world especially their neighbour to the north. They know nothing about Canada except that we live in igloos and love hockey. It is not the same for Canadians they know almost as much about the US as their own country. It is a form of ignorance. It is also arrogance and I think Americans should open their eyes and their hearts to other countries and not with ammo but with interest and not an interest in taking them over for their natural resources. That might be a start.

  • Alion
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    If the U.S. is such an evil nation,then I guess other countries can

    look elsewhere for disaster and famine relief when they are struck

    by such events. The American people have historically extended

    a helping hand to other people in the world and that shouldn't be

    forgotten even as the country is being run by a morally questionable government.

    Let's not forget that this whole mess started with 9/11,which was

    done by Middle Eastern terrorists-not Americans. Where is your

    self-righteous indignation toward them?

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    A system of laws must be in place to assure the world there is some form of discipline that is demanded for/from everyone and especially of the leaders. Yes, it makes a difference and a statement that Saddam is dead. Bravo!

    As the late great Nazi hunter, Simon Wiesenthal once said,...To the future killers of the world, we await your birth.

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    It will make the war in Iraq more fierce, but it will also bring some peace to those that were wronged by him.

    Now for the rest of your line of crap, don't use We when you are talking about the USA, because there is no we, you do not deserve the title of American. You call most ignorant, look in the mirror stupid, you are a prime example.

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    I don't know if it will make a difference yet or not. I think it will for all the family's he victimized.

    As for the rest-

    Well if you don't like what we have become make sure to vote and become involved in our countries elections. One of the biggest problem our country has it the ambivalence we have about the elections.

    Your only other choice it to relocate to a different country but I don't think you going to find any that are much better.

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    Your a Moron, and you spew Left Wing Liberal talking points. Saddam started the war with Iran to gain control of the oil fields. He did the same thing in Kiwait. Just ask the Saudi's. The only thing the US supplied Saddam was satilite images during the Iran/Iraq war, PERIOD.

    Get your facts straight you freakin dipshitz

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    Of course it's going to make a difference, maybe not, like changes should have been developing since yesterday, but with the passing of time it will be the triggrer for a new begining for Iraq.

  • 4 years ago

    wasteland typhoon became fought on the attractiveness that Saddam mandatory to be controlled, yet became no longer the WORST subject, dealing with the middle East. He became mandatory to counterbalance the Theocracy of Iran. consequently wasteland typhoon became fought to tension Saddam out of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. 9/11 led to American opinion to call for militia retaliation. the subject with coping with terrorists is they frequently have no mandate, or govermental base.......... so who do you attack!!!!!!!!!............ 9/11 became perpetrated with the aid of Saudi and Egyptian Nationals! Saddam became in basic terms a discomfort interior the international butt. He hated Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda hates Iran..........virtually as plenty because of the fact the West! in spite of the undeniable fact that, Saddam became an uncomplicated objective! Dodgy French and Italian "intelligence" indicated he became nevertheless in seek of a nuclear weapon, besides the undeniable fact that the Israelis had comprehensively smashed his weapons software back interior the 70s! Bush, in his naiveté, became inveigled with the aid of his advisors to invade Iraq............ no longer probable magnificent considering the fact that there became a controversy of oil factors........... Poodle Blair became suitable up his butt ( and useful nevertheless is) so Teflon Tone did the cheer chief bit a became presented the Congressional Medal of Honour! and something is history. Its a pity that the Iraq invasion has opened a Pandora's field of international terrorism! ........... A pity that it has destabilised the area........... a pity that maximum of persons have died and could proceed to die! Israel won't bypass away and is an uncomplicated scapegoat. in component of certainty that this kind of subject became forecast in the past the u . s . a . voted Bush into potential!.......... It got here approximately and we are ALL paying the fee! ...........and it will ensue back, because of the STUPIDITY of the yank voters!

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