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Why you worry for other and no for you self?

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    it's in being selfless you find happiness. i mean, without some sort of sacrifice you will never find love, success etc. think about it. (",)

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    Because its always easier to try to solve a problem that you're disconnected from. Like when you want help for something that you're self conscious about you say "I have this friend..."

    Many people giving very accurate helpful answers here can't make sense of at least one situation in their life! (*ouch*)

    Really its a paradox. Some say selflessness, but I say pride or many times false humility. You have an opportunity to massage our egos and say (if even to yourself) "I did that. I helped to make that better. I'm some good after all."

    Of course there is also the issue of our co-dependency. That we NEED to help each other and to receive help as well.

    Its instinctive to help e.g. a child who stumbles beside you. Self preserving rationalization may kick in and stop the response in an older person. Likewise if you fall and feel significantly hurt and there is someone within reach its instinctive to ask for help.

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    beleive it or not you not feel your presence as much as other people's presence...because your'e your self of course. You can't see the outside of yourself. Other people seem more alive to cant really talk to yourself either.

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    thats where hapiness comes from and not greediness

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