how can i get a list of names that are intombed at a particular mausoleum?

i need to find out if my dad is intombed at chapelwood mausoleum in texarkana,texas

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    Go or write them.

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    Contact the Cemetery offices, give them your father's name and ask them to research their interment records. They may actually need the date of your father's death depending on how their records are organized. However if they are a Perpetual Care Cemetery bound by the rules of the Texas State Banking Commission, their records should be arranged in an alphabetical listing but may only be listed by plot owners. If that is the case be prepared with possible purchasers names for them to research.

    Source(s): I was previously employed in the Death Care industry as a Funeral Director and Cemeterian. In fact, I worked in Texas and am quite aware of the laws pertaining to Texas Cemeteries.
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    I suggest you try

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