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Viruses contain DNA or RNA, they are considered living.?



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    Viruses are not considered to be living organisms because they do not have the mechanisms to replicate their own DNA/RNA. Only organisms that can replicate their own DNA are considered to be alive.

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    True. DNA and RNA are capable of changing (mutating) to adapt to changes in their living environment. Further proof of this is obvious when you look at how viruses have become resisant to our attempts to eradicate them. To even entertain them as non-living is out of the question-especially since without DNA/RNA, you wouldn't be here.

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    Viruses are not living organisms. They are complex molecules (DNA or RNA plus a protein coat) that are subject to natural selection only because they can make copies of themselves using the cellular machinery of the host.

  • just ignore the scientist's ignorence. Viruses are living because they can mutate (correct their own gnetic make-up) this is intelligence that is typical of only living things. They are parasites which means they only multiply using your cells. They have a protein (frame structure and constructor) and the DNA/RNA (Code or building plan of their structure which they can modify if the 'weather' changes).

    Living things were defined wrongly from the start ---as can grow, can independently reproduce etc its time to throw away dogmatism. if your hand is cut and it stops living ----it still has genes and proteins.... but what it losses is the intelligence of its cells DNA/RNA and Proteins to perform their normal intelligent operation. A virus is dead when you break it up and destroy its intelligent normal function by roasting or burning or chemically attacking it.... it dies and losses it ability to reassemble itself even if its components are put in another living cells. Break its proteins structure and DNA structure to the extent of ceasation of intelligent functyions then its dead, period.

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    Viruses contain DNA or RNA.

    If you were to try to define what is considered living, there will be 'things' that defy that definition and seem to fall in-between--viruses fit this category.

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    viruses contain rna as genetic material and they are niether living nor non living they fall on the border of living and non living

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    false. Viruses are not considered living.

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