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Who thinks Liberals have gone Waaaay Overboard on Sympathizing for Saddam ?

This has to be the sickest moment in American History !!!

Sympathy is one thing.. . ..but Denying that he Deserved it is an entirely different notion ! And then many of these 'people' go soooooo far as to call for the Hanging of President Bush !!!


What has happened to the minds of our people ? Have some of the Liberals completely lost their minds ?

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    some liberals have gone way overboard. those liberals are a danger to not only themselves but those around them.

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    Yup. The liberals are on a brainwashing campaign of the American people and unfortunately, it seems to be working. They naturally despise Bush, so of course, they're going to attack him, even now with Saddam's hanging. I think the liberals are jealous 'cause they know that Bush did a great thing by sending our troops there to remove Saddam and they can't admit it. If we had a liberal in the White House, things would have been alot worse than they are now. They would go over to Iraq and have some coffee and donuts with Saddam in one of his palaces 'talking things over' and he would still be in power as many more people would be beaten, tortured and slaughtered under his evil regime and here at home, our taxes would skyrocket, not to mention more cutbacks in the military! Need I say more??

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    I think it is misguided to show such support for a man convicted of genocidal action against his own people, but they are entitled to their opinions. Their statements come up hollow to my ears as they will complain about genocide in Africa and demand that we should be doing something, but then let their dislike of the administration, or the war cause them to set a separate precedent for Iraq. It really doesn't matter though. Saddam is dead and nothing is going to change that now.

    To those stating post a link and that there is no sympathy for Saddam here is a link to just one question asked, but I have been seeing them all day. I do not think all liberals are supporting Saddam, I understand that many just have an affinity to any death penalty, but please don't make the mistake of believing that because you might be reasonable that all people are the same.;_ylt=ApKpd...

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    If anyone is sympathizing for Saddam, that's OK. But let's not forget that this was an evil man and evil leader. He ruled by fear and torment. The execution of anyone isn't a happy event, but it is justified and was a necessary thing.

    It's also a milestone for the Iraqi people. Until Saddam was put to death, his presence was still an influence for those people. Now they can move on with their lives and the future of their country. I wish them well.

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    You couldn't have worded it better! Except they can't loose something they never had. I think it goes beyond just being the most outragous kind of behavior there could be to being the most dangerous. God help us if these people ever get into any real power, I actually wished they would all move out to one of these countries that support their views. I see dark days for this country if they continue giving a lot of the credit to our liberal media. Have you ever checking into who is supporting the media with the big bucks? It's really scary.

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    It's no more way overboard than usual.

    Liberals never met a dictator they did not love, and now they have lost a loved one!

    What has Pelosi, Kerry, Kennedy, Murtha, Reid, Biden, Dodd and the rest of the gang had to say? Are they mad because they must attend President Ford's funeral and will miss Sad dam's?

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    The definition of liberal is" Not limited to traditional or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry. Gosh, liberals can think for themselves and see Bush for what he is, a coward hiding behind the troops and the American flag everytime he gets criticized - which is every 5 minutes now.

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    Hatred destroys the hater and rarely has a basis in rationality. Unfortunately, hatred also destroys everyone in proximity of the hater.

    I have a "defendant's heart," which is why I practice defense. But when the ultimate justice is imposed, and all appeals are exhausted, I close my eyes, say a prayer and go on with my life.

    I do not enjoy seeing capital punishment imposed, but understand the need.

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    I keep seeing people on this board talking about "liberals" sympathizing with Saddam, but I have not found that sentiment anywhere.

    First, there are a group of individuals who are simply against the death penalty. Those people may or may not be liberals. Recall that one of the ten commandments is "thou shalt not kill."

    I do not think these people represent the mainstream liberal.

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    I thought they could never be more un-American the day I seen them all celebrating Hugo Chavez, a communist dictator, coming on OUR soil and disgracing our country by calling Bush the devil...I was wrong....

    Yes, a lot of them have lost their minds..To have that much hate is almost scary..

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    No, we liberals have not lost our minds. Capital punishment is a very serious matter. It should not be taken lightly at any level. Sympathy? I doubt very seriously if an left-wing advocate has real sympathy. Moral dilemma? More likely. You should think about it, too.

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