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I want to trap a feral kitten but don't know where to take it.?

It is living in some bushes by some recycling bins.I have fed it a few times since I noticed it but it runs when it sees me. I is about 4 months old. I live to far away to go there every day What kind of organization would take it?can it be taken to a colony that i am feeding near my home every day? Its a colony of four. Three have been Traped and spayed. The last one is trap shy. Will it stay if i take it there? It would go to the vet first.Do you think the others would scare it away?

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    It is so sad to hear how some people give these poor defenseless, throw away kitties a death sentence. You have been so kind to TNR and feed the kitties. Kudos to you for doing the humane thing!

    It is hard to relocate but may be the best thing you can do for the poor thing. Just looking at some of the answers given here should tell you it is the best and safest thing to do for that kitty.

    It will stay if you take the correct steps in the relocation. You can find more info at Alley Cat Allies website.

    The cat will have to be contained for 3 weeks or more before you can let it loose in the new colony but it will work out fine. I have successfully moved several ferals to my backyard (2 acres).

    I wish you much success!

    Good luck!

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    If you can trap it I would have it spayed/neutered to avoid it producing more feral cats. Even at 4 months it may be too late to domesticate it though. A shelter would likely put it down. They have too many cats coming through and they don't have the time to try taming them. One option would be to see if you can find a farmer who would like a barn cat. The cat would have a family to provide it with food, water, etc. but barn cats aren't expected to be friendly and sit on your lap. They are needed to keep mice and rats out of the barn and feral cats can fit in well in that role.

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    If you decide to take it to your colony, you should keep it caged for a week or so. That gives the cats time to get to know it. And you'll have a better chance of having it stay. Yes, I think it should go to the vet first for vaccinations and spay or neuter.

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    What ever you do, check the place where you take it. Especially if you take it to animal control, because some places automatically put down feral cats. If it is just a stray, then the humane society might take it and try to find a home for it.

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    Cal the local shelter and let them know where it is and maybe they can trap it and save it from an outdoor life of hell. At such a young age, it's not too late to try and domesticate it.

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    I know it sounds cruel, but if it is feral at 4 months it will always be feral. They are a menace and need to be trapped and destroyed humanely. You should`nt have fed it.

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    contact aarf they rescue animals, or contact the local shelter. if it truly is feral he won't be safe for anyone. good luck.

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