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Waxing vs Shaving- Downstairs?

So i have been shaving for some years now.. I started to shave everything off a few months ago and i love it but its starting to be a pain in the butt. I got a battery operated shaver but i haven't used it yet because i don't know how effective it really will be? does anyone use one to shave their pubs, and if you do how do you do it? I kinda want to try waxing but am scared on how much it will hurt... I need help?? What should i do??

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    I've done all three, shaving with a razor, battery operated shaver and waxing/sugaring (actually, I've even used an epilator down there so you could say I've done 4). I'm a bit obsessed you see, because I have sensitive skin and my own hair causes me to be very itchy on my legs and other areas...anywho,

    Waxing: It hurts, but only immediately after the cloth is pulled off, so for about 5 to 10 seconds, IT'S WORTH THE PAIN because the hair really does thin out, and you can even start using an epilator (BRAUN makes a good one) because the hair is easy to pull out after, or continue waxing because it really doesn't hurt that much after the first time.

    Battery operated shaver: I found the hair to grow back really fast (like within a day or so) and to be ITCHY!! It may be that it's my problem though...

    Razor: Men's razors certainly do shave closer, as previously suggested by some wise women, but they also can cause "razor burn" and irritation because they shave so close. For me, if it's an option between using a razor and being hairy, I'd rather be hairy--nothing really compares to waxing/epilating.

    Epilator: It hurts, I won't lie. I actually cried the first time I used it and I put it away for like 4 months until I read that it was recommended for use AFTER waxing on legs and bikini line because the hair is already thinner, so I started using it after I waxed and voila! it was easy and much less painful!

    If you really want to try waxing, which you should, you can look for some "numbing cream" to use before you go in (they sell it for tattooing sometimes, I'm not sure where you can buy it) and that would help...Also, DO NOT TRY IT AT HOME YOUR FIRST TIME AND MAKE SURE YOUR HAIR IS NOT TOO LONG. Someone else here suggested 4 to 6 INCHES and she must have meant cm. 2 to 4 centimeters is the usual recommended length. The longer it is, the MORE it will hurt!

    Hope that was helpful and not too long!!

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    I have used a battery operated shaver on my vagina before and it works really well but you'll need to use a regular razor after shaving with a battery operated shaver just to get rid of excess hair.

    I also suggest using a man's razor for complete smoothness down there. I tried it out of curiousity one time and discovered a baby bottom smoothness when done.

    If you are looking into waxing "down there" you'll need to wait until your hair is at least 4 inches to 6 inches long to feel less pain. I haven't waxed yet but that is what a lot of those wax kits suggest.

    I've been waxed on my eyebrows before and it doesn't hurt but my head isn't very sensitive. It varies from person to person on whether or how much it hurts.

    You can try it and deal with the ripping sensation and try to get used to the pain. I'm sure if you wax enough the pain will begin to ease and you won't notice it as much anymore.

    Good luck!

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    Bikini waxes hurt like a mother... and I went to a skilled lady who I have do my eyebrows every month. I am told that if you keep on getting them eventually the pain lessens, but I never bothered.

    In my experience, battery-powered shavers don't work very well on anything... they don't give you a good, close shave. If you aren't really fixated on being completely smooth, though, they can be good and speedy. You might also consider trimming rather than shaving for a "groomed" look without so much effort.

  • Shave with a mans razor like a mach 3. It is way better than womens razors. If you can handle the pain get waxed but i couldn't tell you how that feels cause i have never had that done but i do know once you start shaving down there it is a job because every few days -stumble- and it will itch you to death, just keep on shaving but with that razor i said and use some really good shaving creme. Put some lotion on afterwards.

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    Use a man's razor instead of one designed for women. They simply work better. I don't know why, but it's the way it is.

    Try the battery powered razor, but don't expect the same degree of smoothness and hair removal effectiveness.

    Waxing hurts! It's that simple. It hurts.

    How about "trimming" your pubic region rather than keeping it hairless. Most men are extremely attracted to a groomed beaver much more than one that looks like a 4 year old little girl.

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    I have found laser hair removal to be the best, and is less painful, and more effective. There are top of the line machines that make it quick and easy, only requiring 4-7 treatments(worth every dime)

    They use numbing cream, helps immensely.

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    A review of the various hair removal methods is available at

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