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why women in usa so obese?

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    We have too many choices over here and we dont eat out in moderation. We just eat and eat and eat and sit and sit and sit. Simple as that really. If you just eat too many bad foods and dont exercise and work that off you get bigger and bigger. I am not saying its the restuarants fault or the grocery stores fault either. I am saying its our fault if we overindulge too much and then sit around being depressed about it. And so the cycle continues.

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    not all women are but there is part of our culture that is always in a rush, and does not take the time for themselves that is needed to be healthy. men and women alike eat fast food, don't exercise, drink too much alcohol. But our society through the media puts a lot of pressure on being thin at the same time. I think some people don't know how to find the medium of over-indulgence and self deprivation. With people always on the go, in a rush, they simply just don't make the time to take care of themselves.

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    1-Unhealthy eating


    2- Lack of exercise

    1- Unhealthy eating: as a result of the mushrooming number of fast food restaurants. People need to rush and they end up eating unhealthily, which is inappropriate.

    2- Lack of exercise: they just don't have the time or are lazy.

    Don't have the time is a tenuous, insubstantial argument I think because if some other people can do it, why can't some other who are obese?

    Lazy- just fix it!

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    not all are obese, and those that are over weight are like that because they eat junk food a lot and sit around all day. there are men that are obese for the same reason.

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    it's clear

    because of the junk food full of fats and not having healthy diet

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    Because we can.

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    new york cheesecake....killer

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