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With all the Alien abduction and probing reports do you think Earth has become an Intergalactic Sex Tourism?


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    I hope so! Count me in! I want an alien baby!

    I think this is the funniest question that I have seen on Yahoo!answers. I hope you're not serious. Its usually really ignorant, fat, ugly women who claim to be abducted. There are two conclusions to draw from that correlation:

    1) No man is interested in them and they are lonely so they construct an elaborate seduction fantasy out of tabloid stories and TV exposes.

    2) Aliens really dig fat, ignorant, ugly women. They are on their home planet looking at holograms of trailer trash queens in sundresses and getting all excited. Bidding for slots on the probing express. I think this theory has a lot of merit, yes?


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    There is a bit of a difference between sticking objects into someone's body cavities for the purposes of research and doing the same for erotic pleasure.

    Granted, some in the medical profession have found a way to marry the two in a rather satisfactory arrangement, still, it is hard to think that space aliens could possibly find our physical form anything more than revolting.

    Then again there are SOME veteranians....

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    Those stories of being probed are curious. When the aliens abducted me, they didn't probe me but offered me a lovely sit down dinner and music and dancing afterward. Maybe they have respect for a lady?

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    Only for white-trash Americans. They are mostly the ones who claim to be abducted. Alien abductions are probably really just dreams representing childhood memories of their parents having sex with them.

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    Hey, Judas! Are you related to Arsehoole? Anyway, if the alien females got big booty i'm all for it, man!

    Signed: The Big Booty, Alien Lovin' Overweight Lover

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    i think there is something going on, but i would look at human beings and secret societies before i believed all the little aliens.

    However i have heard of humanoid beings appearing to sexualize men too.

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    One big fk fest, we're all going to Hell. They got hot probes in Hell.

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    Now there's a happy thought.

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