where can i get my tires, muffler and breaks fixed?


i dont have a jiffy lube, or midas here in michigan.. i have tuffy and firestone..? do either of them?

Update 2:

i live in saginaw michigan.

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  • bobweb
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    See if there's a Pep Boys auto store around. Buy michelin tires if your going to keep the car a long time.

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    Check your yellow pages for any major muffler & repair shop, such as Midas, Car-X, etc. & they should be able to fix all of it. Or call a local mechanic & just ask if they are qualified to fix all of it.

    (Rattle, rattle, thunderclatter, boom, boom, boom!"...Car-X)

    (You're not gonna pay a lot for this muffler!"...Midas!)

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    If your auto remains under warranty period you may want to check with the manufacturer's dealer nearest your location.

    If you are here in Texas I'd recommend auto service at "Lambs".

    If here in the Austin Texas area "Christian Brothers" automotive repair can help.

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    What city in Michigan?

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    you need to hunt in the yellow pages and find a shop that specializes in this kind of repair,,you might be able to get all three things done at one shop,there are shops that specialize in just a few things,and they can get you in and get id done quickly,,good luck hope this help,s,happy new years.

    Source(s): been a certified mechanic for 36 yrs.
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    jiffy lube

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    try farm and fleet

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