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my bro. and I just got a wii. we are fighting who should have it in their room.?

by the way, im 10 and so is my brother. (were twins) my tv is too bright when you play video games but my brothers is not. i wonder if we should put the wii in the basement. idk. we keep fighting about it and it is becoming crazy. i think it should be in the basement so we dont fight and both of us can go down there and play without having to go in eachothers room. any other suggestions? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

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    I wish I had problems as trivial as to where my new Wii needs to go. Put it in the basement so you both have ready access to it. If you keep fighting about it, your parents will get pissed and take it away from both of you. You already said your TV sucks, so it's hard to see the games on it. So that already takes you out as an option.

    If I were your mom, I would have gotten two. Twins don't share.... especially ten year olds.

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    The basement sounds like your best option. Another thing to consider is buying an extra sensor bar if they sell them individually. That way you can each have a sensor bar on your T.V., and swith the Wii back and forth every week or every two weeks or some other set amount of time.

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    Yes u should put it somewhere where both of u can plzy together so u won't fight whuch one goes in who's room and yall can just take turns.

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    putting it in the basement is the only fair way

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    you can change ur tv's brightness but the best way is to take turns, tell ur mum u and him get 1hr a day each or u get to choose games for the first 30min and he gets 30min of his game

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    basement ot family room is the best becasue its like first come gets it..

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