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A warning to those of you who have wireless keyboards and mice?

If the key board and mouse that you are now using requires you to load software b4 using and you ever do a full reformat that keyboard and mouse probably wont work while u r getting started. Keep ur old keyboard and mouse if it is plug n play until u reinstall software for new K&M.


ok but if you restore back to the point b4 u installed said software or do a full factory restore you will need to use old k & m to get started

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    I've reformated windows on my pc with a logitech wireless keyboard and mouse and didn't have to reinstall the software they worked fine. Although I still have my wired keyboard and mouse packed away if I need them.

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    I have a wireless key board and mouse and only need to plug in my old one anytime soemthing happens such as my battery goes out in the mouse.

    I solved my wireless trouble when I stopped buying from office depot. They evidently get good deals on junk. amd sell it for quality merchandise.

    I would buy from someoine with a decent warntee. office deport wantees their products until it gets out of the door.

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    This is not the case for PS2-connected mice but, rather, on older motherboards that don't have USB driver support built into the BIOS, thus needing an operating system to load drivers for the devices.

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    That's not true, only some of the features wouldn't work. The mouse and keyboards general functions should work fine.

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    Thanks, that never crossed my mind.

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