does a visitor to amsterdam need a visa?

can you give me a list of countries that do need visas



hong kong?

just how do you determine which countries need visas?

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    You need a visa to Ghana, but not for Switzerland, Hong kong, or the Netherlands (Amsterdam). This information is for U.S. Citizens. I'm not entirely sure what is required for other citizens.

    There are many countries that require U.S. citizens to have visas. To name a few: China (although flying into Hong Kong you do not need one, you do need one if you cross over into Mainland China) India, Australia, many countries in the middle east, and Africa. It sometimes is not required to have this visa in advance. Many countries allow you to obtain one upon arrival for a fee.

    Since there are so many countries and the requirements can change at any time, try this website:

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    I found information on Foreign Entry Requirements at this website:

    Have a fantastic trip! :)

    Source(s): U.S. Department of State
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    not on most of them you don't

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